Saturday, July 16, 2011

Presenting: Icing Oetzi - A ROLF Historical Recreation!

Who killed Oetzi the Iceman? Was it the religious fanatic? Perhaps the angry cook? Or maybe Bigfoet, the Tyrolean Yeti?

On a Wednesday afternoon some 5,300 years ago, a shepherd headed into the Alps to tend his flock of goats. He would never see his home again. His mummified corpse and violent death have been the subject of study and speculation since a retreating glacier released him from his makeshift grave in 1991, A.D. (or C.E.... whatever.)

In observance of the 20th anniverary of the discovery of the victim now known as "Oetzi the Iceman," and in support of NUELOW Games' goal of educating while entertaining, we proudly present Icing Oetzi: A ROLF! Historical Recreation.

The result of all the research that can be expected for a $0.50 product from a company named NUELOW Games, the three combat scenarios and four pre-generated characters presented gives insight into a mystery that's more than 5,000 years old. Who killed Oetzi? The religions fanatic? The angry cook? Or the Tyrolean Yeti? Play the Recreations with friends, and decide which one rings true.

Get your copy today from RPGNow by clicking here. Proceeds from ever copy sold contributes to keeping me in house and home, as well as off the streets and out of trouble. Do your part today!

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