Monday, August 29, 2011

Two new releases from NUELOW Games!

We remain in the grip of Robert E. Howard mania at NUELOW Games, and this past weekend we released a new fiction anthology with Howard fiction, and a ROLF! supplement inspired by same.

The anthology, titled "Names in the Black Book," features three horror-tinged detective stories featuring Steve Harrison, the cop character Howard wrote the most stories about. Click here for more details, or do buy a copy for a mere $1.75.

The Howard-inspired ROLF! supplement is "Hammerin' Tongs," which features three new boxing themed Combat Maneuvers, as the three included interlinked Combat Scenarios are keyed to pre-generated characters (also included) based on Howard's Steve Harrison, his boxing sailor Steve Costigan, Tong opponents wanting to beat them up (and visa versa). Like most other ROLF! supplements, it costs a mere $0.50 at


Check 'em out... come join NUELOW Games in our love of Robert E. Howard's non-Conan creations! (And if you have a moment, let us know what you think of the releases!)


  1. Will be nice to mix both products for a great game play.I could probably squeeze a good hour+ of game time with the material.Thanks Steve, I'll let you know how it turns out,Herb.

  2. Please do! We can't make 'em better if we don't here from the people using 'em! :)