Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coming Sept. 19: Cap'n Jack on the Isle of Pirate's Doom

We're putting the finishing touches on ROLF!: Cap'n Jack on the Isle of Pirate's Doom, a trifle we're releasing tomorrow in celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

It features game stats for three Captain Jacks, Helen Tavrel (extra pirate geek points if you can identify who she is and why she belongs), pirates (Caribbean, Somali, and Copyright), ninjas, and The Mustache, the mysterious Manchurian Ninja Master who has brought them all to the Isle of Pirate's Doom for battles to the death! There's also new Combat Maneuvers and Spellings.

While we work to get the product release-ready, here are some videos for the music to play Cap'n Jack on the Isle of Pirate's Doom by.

Alphaville: Dance With Me (Official Theme for Cap'n Jack on the Isle of Pirate's Doom & ROLF AT SEA)

Alestorm: Keelhauled

Captain Jack: Another One Bites the Dust

Captain Jack: Iko-Iko (original version)

Da Jugglin' Fool: Why is the Rum Gone (Remix)

Lonely Island with Michael Bolton: Captain Jack Sparrow

Mike Oldfield: The Blue Peter Theme

Mike Oldfield: The William Tell Overture (Official Theme for ROLF!)

Nice Peter: Jack Sparrow's Rap

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