Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November best-sellers for NUELOW Games

Here are the best-selling titles for NUELOW Games this month. Our sales were not quite as strong as in October, and I don't think the Thanksgiving sale made a difference one way or the other; our prices are already so low that knocking a bit off the price won't entice anyone that wasn't going to buy anyway.

Next year, i think I'll just say, "Look! We've got stuff on sale for Black Friday!" (because we've got stuff on sale every day as it is....)

Still, it was a decent month... and I thank you all for your support. Please stick around.

Also, if you've got a short, rules-light RPG, get in touch. We'd love to add some gaming variety to our line-up.

NUELOW Games Best-sellers for November

1. ROLF!: Nine Days of the Ninja, by Steve Miller (Game Supplement)

2. Shanghaied Mitts, by Robert E. Howard (Short story collection)

3. ROLF!: Playwrights and Piledrivers, by Steve Miller (Game Supplement)

4. ROLF!: Day of the Turkey, by Steve Miller (Game Supplement)

5. Fists of Foolishness, including the Violent Worlds of Robert E. Howard RPG, by Robert E. Howard, Steve Miller, and L.L. Hundal (Fiction anthology/Core game)

6. ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters, by L.L. Hundal and Steve Miller (Core game)

7. ROLF!: Supermodel Slapfest, by L.L. Hundal and Steve Miller (Game Supplement)

8. ROLF!: Icing Oetzi, by Steve Miller and L.L. Hundal (Game Supplement)

9. ROLF!: Gaddafi's Angels, by Steve Miller and L.L. Hundal (Game Supplement)

10. ROLF!: Herbert West vs. the Zombies, by Steve Miller (Game Supplement)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday sale details (deal tales?)

"They're THAT cheap now?!"
(NUELOW Games' staff artist Karl M. reacting to the sales prices)

Through the end of Monday, November 28, the fiction anthologies I've produced for NUELOW Games are on sale at a reduced price, what with it being "Cyber Monday" and all. This is also in celebration of the newly launched website, which is the exclusive outlet for NUELOW Games' pdf-format fiction anthologies.

Each of these ebooks (great for reading on the iPad or even an iPod Touch, and compatible with some models of the Amazon's Kindle) are currently priced at $1.50, no matter what the usual sales price is.

Click the titles below for more information on each book, and to purchase your copy for download. Help feed my hungry cats during this holday season, and get yourself some excellent reading material in the process!

Alice in Blunderland by John Kendrick Bangs (Humor/Political Satire): The Mad Hatter takes Alice for a visit in the perfect city he's founded... a place where everyone is perfect, because the laws are made to make politicians look good, to keep the rich prosperous, and the powerful powerful. (Sound like anywhere you know?)

Houseboat on the River Styx by John Kendrick Bangs and Steve Miller (Humor/Fantasy): A classic work of humor takes on new life as writer/editor Steve Miller "remasters" Bangs' "A Houseboat on the River Styx" and "In Pursuit of the Houseboat" into a single outrageous volume. Every owner of the book is garuenteed membership in the Associated Shades of Hades once they "cross over." Just don't tell William Shakespeare that "everything is better with Bacon" when you arrive.

Fists of Foolishness: The Tales of Sea-faring Boxing Champ Steve Costigan by Robert E. Howard (Humor/Adventure): Journey back to the 1920s and the seedy waterfront districts of the world's port towns for ten comedic misadventures from the typewriter and mind of the creator of Conan the Barbarian. Includes a complete roleplaying game, "The Violent Worlds of Robert E. Howard"!

Shanghaied Mitts: More Tales of Sea-Faring Boxing Champ Steve Costigan by Robert E. Howard (Humor/Adventure): Eleven more of Steve Costigans misadventures are chronicled, as he takes on all comers, including Mexican bandits, Chinese warlords, industrial spies, and con-artists. Includes an adventure for use with "The Violent Worlds of Robert E. Howard", or for stand-alone solo play.

The Deadly Sword of Cormac by Robert E. Howard (Historical Adventure/Fantasy): During the Third Crusades, there was a renegade Knight so fierce that he was feared by Moslems and Crusaders alike. His name was Cormac FiztGeoffrey. This book collects both novelletes that Howard wrote featuring Cormac.

Names in the Black Book: Three Nightmarish Mysteries by Robert E. Howard (Horror/Mystery): A trio of horror-drenched, hard-boiled detective mysteries.

White Fell and Other Stories by Clemence Housman and Robert E. Howard: Four off-beat horror stories that see lycanthropes clawing a bloody swath from the frozen wilds of Scandinavia, through the dark forests of central Europe, and to the sun-baked veldt of Africa.

Friday, November 25, 2011

ROLF!: Black Friday with Islamic Rage Boy and Pastor Jones

Here's a little ROLF! battle scenario and some characters in honor of the big shopping day here in the United States. You need a copy of "ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters", or "The Violent Worlds of Robert E. Howard" to play it.

ROLF: Black Friday - A Scenario for 2 - 3 Players

It was Black Friday 2011, and all across America, people were the malls and the stores in search of great deals. Some are literally hitting the malls. And each other.

According to news reports, one of the outbreaks of violence happened at Lee's Music Store. Word spread that Lee was the only outlet to carry the legendary Christmas album recorded by Osama bin Laden; that he was selling it for just $1 each; and that he only had 100 copies. The first two parts of the rumor was true... but third part was not. Lee actually had 100,000 copies... he was selling the album as a Black Friday special, but then was going to serve as its exclusive U.S. distributor and place them in stores and mosque gift shops across the nation.

But the rumor was all that was needed to start a bloody riot outside the store. Among the rioters were Shakeel "Rage Boy" Bhat (who was in the United States to support the Occupy [Insert Random Open Space Here] Movement and lend his famous face and rage-filled antics to the protests) and Pastor Terry Jones (looking for something cheap and Islamic-related to burn at a rally to boost his election campaign for president of the United States).


Shakeel "Rage Boy" Bhat (Male)
Brawn: 28; Body: 12; Brains: 6
Traits: Nimble
Combat Maneuvers: Basic Attack, Disarm, Disembowel, Kung Fu Face, Run Away!, Strike Pose.
Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Sword (Average Melee Weapon. Deals 3 points of damage.), Koran (Small Melee Weapon. Deals 1 point of damage. Can also be used once as a Ranged Weapon that deals 1 point of damage.)

Terry "Pastor" Jones (Male)
Brawn: 25; Body: 10; Brains: 5
Traits: Egomaniac
Combat Maneuvers: Basic Attack, Debate Philosophy, Disarm, Disembowel, Run Away!.
Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Flame-thrower (Large Ranged Weapon Weapon. Deals 5 points of damage. 3 shots.), Bible (Small Melee Weapon. Deals 1 point of damage. Can also be used once as a Ranged Weapon that deals 1 point of damage.)

Generic Black Friday Shopper (Male or Female)
Brawn: 10; Body: 10; Brains: 3
Traits: Egomaniac
Combat Maneuvers: Basic Attack, Castrate, Dodge.
Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Pepper Spray (Small Ranged Weapon Weapon. Deals 2 points of damage, targeted character loses the attack action that would have followed if he doesn't make a successful ATT Body check.), Nine Iron (Medium Melee Weapon. Deals 3 point of damage.)


The scenario is intended for at least two players.

If used with two players, one gamer controls the Rage Boy, another controls the Pastor, and each has 2d6 Generic Black Friday Shoppers fighting "on their side," more or less. As the battle begins, the Rage Boy and the Paster are at Ranged distance from each other, with the Generic Shoppers between them.

To close to Melee, the Rage Boy and the Pastor must pass through the Generic Shoppers which will attack them. The groups of Generic Shoppers are also at Ranged distance from each other. The Rage Boy and the Pastor can stay at Ranged from each other by either not attempting to close the distance, or by using their Run Away! combat maneuvers. A successful ATT check means the character has backed away. However, they can also use Run Away! to counter each others attempts to stay at Ranged; in such a case, the character with the lowest ATT check wins and successfully closes... assuming they don't stop to fight Generic Shoppers. The Generic Shoppers can also be sent at either the Rage Boy or the Pastor. Closing from Ranged to Melee distance is a single action.

If used with three players, all the above applies, except the third player controls the Generic Shoppers and he sends them at whichever named character he chooses. There are 2d6 Generic Shoppers in play at the beginning of the combat. 1d6 additional join the fray until there are a maximum of 12 in the fight.

The battle continues until the Rage Boy or the Pastor are defeated. In the case of three players, the battle continues until either both the Rage Boy and the Pastor are defeated, or until one of them stands victorious over the other and all the Generic Shoppers.

(BTW... "ROLF!: Black Friday" is a work of fiction. Any similarity to real people, places, and events without satirical intent is purely coincidental. Copyright 2011 Steve Miller. All Rights Reserved. Although you're welcome to copy-and-paste the text if you feel like playing the scenario.)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Big NUELOW Games sale through 11/28!

NUELOW Games Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is in force. All products that usually cost $1.75 or more are now just $1.50 through Monday!

That means that , for example, you could get both of our best-selling Steve Costigan anthologies (featuring stories by Robert E. Howard and including the "Violent Worlds of Robert E. Howard" roleplaying) AND "Hammerin' Tongs: A ROLF! Tribute to Robert E. Howard) for less than it would normally cost to just buy Fists of Foolishness.

Or you could get all "A Houseboat on the River Styx"-related products (Houseboat on the River Styx, "ROLF!: The Associated Shades of Hades" and "ROLF!: Playwrights and Piledrivers" for just a smidge more than the "Houseboat" anthology usually costs.

Or... or... or...

Check us out! If you've been thinking about it, now is the time to get one or more of our PDF fiction anthologies or OGL Modern products.

Click here for a listing of all our fiction anthologies. (Note: Fists of Foolishness contains "The Violent Worlds of Robert E. Howard" RPG.)

Click here for a listing of all our OGL Modern products.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thursday, Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving. We here at NUELOW Games are thankful for our readers and loyal players of ROLF!: The Roleplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters (as well as the 30-Minute Roleplaying Games by Jeff Grubb and yours truly). Your support means a lot to us... especially to me, as the reception of many of the ROLF! projects and our fiction releases has been a bright spot for me in what has otherwise been a dark and miserable year.

Thank you all for your support.

L.L. Hundal and I want to show our appreciation by giving you a free copy of "Day of the Turkey," a special Thanksgiving release that Ms. Hundal labled the "silliest idea yet"... and I could hear her shaking her head over the phone. But I included a Pilgrim Hat in the product, so I won her over! In it, a time-traveling Edward D. Wood Jr., famous for making cinematic turkeys, battles a Demon Turkey to save a family of pilgrims.

To get your free copy of "Day of Turkey," click on this link. (If you don't already own one of the versions of ROLF! or The Violent Worlds of Robert E. Howard, you will need one of those as well.)

And do come back tomorrow. We'll be announcing our "Black Friday/Digital Monday" sale. (Basically, if you've thought about getting one of our anthologies but haven't been wanting to spend $1.75 or more, this will be the weekend to get one.)

The free offer is good through 11/28/2011.

Thanks again for your support, and I hope everyone across the U.S. and Americans away from home have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Available now: 'Shanghaied Mitts' by Robert E. Howard

NUELOW Games is proud to present Shanghaied Mitts: More Tales of Sea-faring Boxing Champ Steve Costigan, our follow-on anthology to Fists of Foolishness.

With this book, all 21 of the misadventures of Steve Costigan that were published during the too-short lifetime of his creator, Robert E. Howard, are available in low-cost NUELOW Games editions that are perfect for reading on an iPad or iPod Touch.

These classic short stories about a big-hearted but none-too-bright sailor whose pride in his skills as a boxer gets him into almost as much trouble as his loyalty to his ship-mates and his pet bulldog Mike, include some of the work that Howard produced.

In addition to the 11 stories, the book includes an RPG adventure designed for solo play, or use with "The Violent Worlds of Robert E. Howard" (the game included in Fists of Foolishness) or any version of ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game. Titled "Steve Costigan and the Thief of Youth", this adventure was designed by Steve Miller, co-creator of the ROLF! game and former designer for Wizards of the Coast and other leading game publishers.

As a thank you for visiting the NUELOW Games blog, you can click here to get your copy of Shanghaied Mitts for just $3.00, almost 25% off the regular price.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

No posts on any of my blogs this week.

I am having really bad eye trouble. Hopefully, tomorrow's trip to the doctor will start to make things better.

I hope you'll check in at some point in the future.

Monday, November 14, 2011

And now... 'ROLF!: Playwrights and Piledrivers'

It's the battle to settle, once and for all, who gets to claim credit for the Complete Works of William Shakespear! In this corner: Sir Francis Bacon and the Earl of Oxford. In that corner, William Shakespeare and Macho Man Randy Savage!

Return to the world of "Houseboat on the River Styx", as "ROLF!: Playwrights and Piledrivers" pits Elizabethan poets versus Macho Man Randy Savage in a product only slightly less silly than the plot of Roland Emmerich's "Anonymous."

With new Combat Maneuvers, six pre-generated characters (including the Earl of Oxford and Macho Man Randy Savage), and fiction written by Steve Miller (or possibly Sir Francis Bacon... we may never know the truth, but it is a fact that Everything Is Better With Bacon), it's literary conspiracy theory as only NUELOW Games can do!

Click here to get your copy for only $0.50!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steve Costigan battles again on 11/16/2011!

Last month, NUELOW Games released "Fists of Foolishness", a collection of ten humorous short stories by Robert E. Howard detailing the misadventures of sea-faring boxing champ Steve Costigan.

This Wednesday, Costigan sails again, taking the fight to gangsters, Chinese warlords, Mexican bandits, con artists, and any and all boxers who face him in the ring in "Shanghaied Mitts."

Featuring 11 action-packed tales of outrageous adventures that take Costigan from the wilds of Texas to the interior of China, and a handful for battle scenarios designed for use with The Violent Worlds of Robert E. Howard game, this book is a must-have if you enjoyed Volume One.

Keep watching this space for news as to when the book will be on sale at the NUELOW Games store at Meanwhile, here's a look at the cover illustration for "Shanghaied Mitts."

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Secret Ninja Battle Revealed!

The excitement of a Godfrey Ho movie! The coherence of the Occupy Wall Street Protest! It's Ninja Action as only NUELOW Games can do it!

Fed up with only 1% of all Ninja getting to wear colorful togs, the black-clad 99% stage the Occupy the Secret Ninja Lair Protest... and Bruce Lee, Sue Shiomi, Lee Van Cleef, Sonny Chiba, Richard Harrison, and Maurice the Master of Evil Ninjas get swept up in the conflict. Who will survive the deadly action during Nine Days of the Ninja?!

Click here to get your copy! On sale for just $0.75!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ninjas are trying to keep their secret!

Computer glitches which has resulted in corrupted illos and editorial delays means that ROLF!: Nine Days of the Ninja will be delayed by a day. However, the nefarious dark magics will only delay and not deter us!

Here's another preview of the release.... Bruce Lee and Sue Shiomi, ala ROLF!

Brawn: 38; Body: 17; Brains: 8

Traits: Nimble, Sense of Honor, Too Sexy for My Shirt

Combat Maneuvers: Basic Attack, Battle Cry, Disembowel, Double Strike, Furious Fists, Kung Fu Face, Seduce, Strike Pose.

Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Nunchuks (Average Melee Weapon. 2 points of damage.)

Brawn: 28; Body: 18; Brains: 9

Traits: Nimble

Combat Maneuvers: Basic Attack, Disarm, Disembowel, Dodge, Furious Fists, Knock Out, Kung Fu Face, Run Away!, Strike Pose.

Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Samurai Sword (Average Melee Weapon. Deals 3 points of damage.)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Combat Maneuver: Kung Fu Face!

In celebration of Nine Days of the Ninja, here's a ROLF! Combat Manuever. (It will probably be refined by the time it appears in the forthcoming "ROLF!: Nine Days of the Ninja" supplement. Due this Saturday!)

Kung Fu Face
Successful Body Check causes opponents in the battle to lose the action they would have taken after the use of this combat manuever.
ATT Body

The deadliest of blogathons....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ROLF! for the iPhone is now available!

The ROLF! iPhone app game is now available in the iTunes store! Yay! Click here to check it out!

The app comes with a printable copy of the original "ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game for Big Dumb Fighters" so you can use the app based on the table-top game so you can play the table-top game!

The game features art and character portraits by Larry Elmore (just like the basic game and the first few supplements... as well as some that are coming up, as we drag Elmore back into the madness that is ROLF!)

Rick will be adding combat scenarios, characters, and such. And please let us know what you think of it, either on the iTunes site, here, or via email to me. :)

(Oh... and given the disclaimers on the game, Apple must be quite sensitive to violence and nudity. Or I'm desensitized to it.)