Sunday, August 26, 2012

NUELOW Games: The only RPG publisher covering the GOP convention!

Yep. We're on the cutting edge all right! What other RPG publisher has produced a game supplement to tie in with the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida? There isn't one!

And to top it off, we even incorporated the fact that a hurricane is bearing down upon the city! We're not only on the cutting edge... we ARE the cutting edge!

In ROLF!: Mister Freedom vs. Blowhard, Joe Biden (in his secret superhero identity of Mister Freedom) squares off against the villainous Blowhard and his Siren sidekicks in order to save Florida and the Republicans. But will Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan help or hinder him?!

Click here to see previews of ROLF!: Mister Freedom vs. Blowhard, or to do you part to stimulate the economy and get your own copy for just $0.50.,

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