Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

If you need a last-minute time-filler for any St. Patrick's Day gamer gatherings, you can't go wrong with our Irish-themed ROLF! supplements!

There's St. Patty vs. The Snake where Ireland's own superhero must stop her two greatest foes, The Snake and Tee-totaler, from turning all the world's beer into apple juice and all redheads into Spaniards.

Click here to see previews or download a copy.

And there's Jennifer vs. the L, where Conan O'Brien and Jennifer Aniston must fend off the Monster o' the Irish! (BTW, it's the 20th anniversary of Jennifer Aniston's first major  role in the original Leprechaun film. Click here to read more about that landmark movie series.)

Click here to see previews or to download a copy.

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