Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Cudgel of Peace

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The Cudgel of Peace (By L.L. Hundal)
The kingdom of Reylar had for most of its long and bloody history been ruled by the Warrior-Priests of Vom, God of war and wealth, and they had made the kingdom rich through raids and conquest. But when several neighboring lands united their forces and conducted a unified invasion of Reylar, the final chapter of the kingdom's bloody history was written.

As the last of his temples were consumed by fire, a weeping Vom found refuge in the simple home Shim, godess of agriculture and the seasons, She convinced the broken god to turn what had been the symbol of his priesthood's power into a tool that would ensure the survival of the remaining Reylar by turning them from the path of war and revenge to one of peace and cooperation. This created perhaps some of the strangest "cursed" weapons to ever come into existence.

OGL d20 and OpenD6 System Stats
A cudgel of peace appears to be a flame-blackened club that is filigreed with gold and platinum that provides a +4 bonus to attack and damage rolls when wielded. However, the moment its wielder chooses a target to attack, all creatures within a 30-foot radius must roll Will saves with -2 penalties or fall victim to an effect similar to a permanent  charm monster spell  Creatures so effected view everyone under the spell as their dearest friends and allies and will under no circumstance continue to fight against them.

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