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NUELOW Heroes and Villains: Hot Shot

This character was inspired by a superhero illo created by Carter-Ethan Rankin and posted to the website Public Domain Superheroes (click on the link to see Rankin's original concept). Everything else in this post is Copyright 2013 Steve Miller.

Hot Shot was made with rules featured in "Mad Scientists Gone Wild," with a minor adjustment in anticipation of changes coming in the ROLF!-powered superhero RPG.

HOT SHOT (Female)
(aka Cecilia Consuela "CC" McQueen, sometimes Darcia Dora "DD" McQueen)
Brawn 20, Body 16, Brains 11
   Traits: Dead-Eye, Irrepressible Optimist, Mad Scientist, Nimble
   Combat Maneuvers: Backflip, Basic Attack, Bitch Slap, Disarm, Dodge, Double Tap, Seduce, Strike Pose, Sure Shot
   Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Superhero Outfit (Armor, absorbs up to 2 points of damage). Love Gun (Mad Science "death ray gun," deals NO damage, Paralysis extra effect or subjects target to the Dance Move and Seduce combat maneuvers with CC as the attacker, but resistance must be checked against a constant ATT Body 18). Pistol (Ranged Weapon, deals 2 points of damage that ignore armor).
   Note: The wings are just for show and part of Hot Shot's costume to underscore the "angel of love" concept at the root of her super-identity.

Origin Story
CC McQueen owned and operated a gun shop and shooting range at one end of a strip mall in a suburb to Houston, Texas, while her twin sister Darcia ("DD") ran an adult bookstore and sex supply shop at the other end. Both women, genius-level chemists and mechanical engineers, also covertly supplied the heroes in the P.A.N.S. association with special-order weapons and gadgets.
   On a Thursday afternoon, both stores were being picketed by protesters--CC's establishment by an anti-gun group, and DD's by morality crusaders--when the villainous Instigator stirred up both groups into a violent mob that attacked the stores and burned down the entire shopping mall.
   Thanks to the weaponry on her store, CC was able to fend off the attackers with help from customers, but they didn't get to DD's store in time and she was severely injured and left in a coma. Enraged, CC went to her workshop to create weapons and a secret identity that would let her avenge her sister, but as she worked, she realized that revenge is a cycle that keeps spiraling... what the world needs was more love and tolerance. She designed an "angel of love" costume with a special gun to match.... and so equipped, she tracked down and defeated the Instigator during her first outing as Hot Shot.
   After DD recovered from her injuries, she began providing support efforts for CC's superheroic activities. One day, when CC was out of town for a gun-show, DD put on the costume and aided Texas Hellion in a battle against the Editor and homicidal clones of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading Squad. DD and Texas Hellion soon fell in love, and they are dating in their civilian identities. This led to an awkward first meeting between CC and Texas Hellion, as CC did not know that DD was "moonlighting" as Hot Shot. But once the confusion was cleared up. CC and Texas Hellion became fast friends, and they now work together so frequently that they are viewed as a superhero team by the public.

Hot Shot has no superpowers, but is a crack-shot with her firearms and a world-class athlete in peak physical condition.

Enemies and Allies
The Instigator remains Hot Shots primary foe, but any enemy of peaceful co-existence will eventually find themselves in Hot Shot's sights.
   Hot Shot and Texas Hellion have worked together so often that they are almost viewed as a team. Their closeness is enhanced by the fact that DD is Texas Hellion's lover in their civilian identities. Meanwhile, CC has a on-again, off-again relationship with Captain Bananahammock.

Special Note
CC and DD have the same game stats, except DD has the Same Sex Preference in place of the Dead-Eye trait, and Walking Disaster Area in place of the Sure Shot combat maneuver.

Here's an all-new combat maneuver that is possessed by Hot Shot but is available to any ROLF! character you may create.

Double Tap: Make a successful attribute check on 3d6 to gain an extra attack with a Ranged Weapon..
ATT Body

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