Monday, July 29, 2013

Weiner bigger than ever!

Here we thought that ROLF! Rise of the Trouser Snakes 2: Whacking Weiner was as dated as current-events based products like ROLF!: Mister Freedom vs. Blowhard and  ROLF!: The Breast Hope for Peace.

But Anthony Weiner just keeps popping back up. There's a HuffPo headline today that reads "Weiner Won't to Pull Out." We were sure that Weiner was done with his mayoral run when he got up in front of cameras and tried to blame his wife for his weird to expose himself online. Maybe there's enough staying-power here to warrant a third ROLF! product featuring good old Anthony Weiner.

Maybe we should do "Anthony Weiner, Private Dick" (the tale of Weiner seeking the "hacker" who posted pictures of Little Weiner on the net)?  Or maybe "Sexting. Wives, and Duct Tape" (about the night Huma and Hillary took revenge on Bill and Anthony)? Or maybe a team-up between Bill Cinton?

Meanwhile, if you like, you can check out the adventures of Anthony Weiner already published in ROLF!: Bill Clinton and the Secret City of Women and ROLF!: Rise of the Trouser Snakes 2.

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