Monday, September 30, 2013

On sale now -- 'Science Sleuths #3'

As seems appropriate for the third issue of our popular Science Sleuths comic/rpg anthology series,we're bringing installments of three different series featuring crime-fighting scientists.

With Science Sleuths #3,"Rocketman" gets added to the mix. "Rocketman" chronicles the adventures of Cal Martin and his fiancee Doris Dalton. Partners in love and business, who also share a passion for crime-fighting, they are brilliant inventors who have chosen to keep their greatest inventions for themselves and to use them to become the costumed superheroes Rocketman and Rocketgirl.

This issue also features ROLF! stats for Rocketman and Rocketgirl.

For the next few issues, "Rocketman" will be the lead feature in Science Sleuths, with Jill Trent becoming the backup feature. Some of the "Rocketman" stories will be extra-special, as they will feature partially new scripts by NUELOW Games's lead designer and publisher Steve Miller.. This issue marks the final time Spider Queen slings her webs, though.

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