Friday, January 31, 2014

Free for Super Bowl Weekend -- the 'You vs. Me' RPG!

The staff at NUELOW Games (one being Eurotrash by birth, the other by upbringing) know next to nothing about American football. Still, what with Steve Miller being based out of the Seattle area, we still feel like we want to join in the excitement.

To that end, we are offering all Seahawks fans and Broncos fans a gift (and anyone else really). Through Monday, Feb 3, our two-player RPG You vs. Me can be downloaded free of charge! Use it to bridge the gap between yourself and that special friend who is rooting for the "wrong team"--or you can use it to make the rivalry even stronger.

It can also be used during the Half-time show if it sucks.

Click here for more information about You vs. Me, and to download your own copy for free!

And... gooooooo team! To victory!

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