Monday, February 3, 2014

Modern Advances: The Suicide Bomber

With Black Widows and other sundry crazies threatening to murder innocent people at the Winter Olympics this year, and Cartoonophobia once again rearing its head across the Muslim World, this seems like a good time to bring back NUELOW's classic Suicide Bomber advanced class.

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By Dave Mendez

This is a one level advanced class for particularly sick and deluded characters who think it's heroic to walk to murder innocent, unsuspecting people by blowing themselves up.

Int: Max 7
Wis: Max 4
Knowledge (Religion): 1 Rank
Use Rope: 5 Ranks
Feats: Fanatic

Class Skills:
Knowledge (Chemistry), Demolitions, Gather Information, Hide, Use Rope
Skill Points at each level: 2 + Int mod

1st level class features
Attack Bonus: +0; Fort Save: +1; Ref Save: +0; Will Save: +2; Defense Bonus +0; Rep +0.
   Special Features: Make Bomb, Go Boom
   Weapon and Armor Proficiences: Suicide bombers are proficient with simple weapons.
   Make Bomb: You can use your Demolitions skill to make a bomb that only work when you strap it to your self. Once the bomb is attached to you it can not be removed by any means, if someone tries to disarm or take the bomb off it will blow up. Bomb does 1d10 point of damage/ per ranks of your alchemy skill.
   Go Boom: Once you gain enough experience to reach your next character level, the bomb will go off killing you and doing damage within a 30 ft +5 ft./rank in Demotions radius.

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