Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bronze Terror ala d6xd6 CORE

As I post this, there are roughly nine hours left before the d6xd6 CORE Roleplaying Game Kickstarter ends. The book will contain at least 20 settings, and all backers who pledge more than $21 will receive complimentary copies of Judy of the Jungle: Death Goes Native and Newshounds #1 from NUELOW Games (in addition to an already generous assortment of goodies). These are the first published products to feature support for d6xd6 CORE.

There will also be a countdown party during the final couple of hours at this link. I hope to pop in for a few minutes, but it's not a sure thing for me, as I have a prior engagement. However, I am putting up one more character adapted to the d6xd6 CORE RPG system -- the Bronze Terror, the first Native American superhero to grace the pages of comic books. (The Masked Avengers setting that I was slated to write is not going to be come to pass, as the pledges did not support it. That is the usual outcome for any Kickstarter that I am part, however... which is among the reasons I've never tried to do one on my own. I'm just not talented enough nor famous enough to produce anything that there's enough interest in.)

Art by Dick Briefer

Legendary spirit of justice, fighting for Native Americans in modern times.
Real Name: Jeff Dixon • Gender: Male • Age: 30
   Focused: Brawn
   Unfocused: Will, Wits
   Unknown: Grace
Occupation: Counselor (Attorney-at-Law)
Focused Skills: Bargain (Occupation Bonus), Athletics, Persuasion
Unfocused Skills: Navigation, Ride Animal, Shooting
Focus Rating: 3

You can read four "Bronze Terror" stories in NUELOW Games' Real American #1, which includes ROLF! game stats and a battle scenario. I've also concocted an original back-story for Bronze Terror, which will probably show up here on the blog some day.

For more information on the d6xd6 CORE RPG, check out this site where designer Lester Smith has made a draft of the rules public.

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