Thursday, November 6, 2014

This is the official NUELOW Games blog... and we forget to announce releases!

As a reminder of how badly we SUCK at promotion, we completely failed to mention two releases here on our very own blog! Well--we're fixing that problem now. (Interestingly, both of the "overlooked" releases have covers that are mostly yellow. Maybe we subconsciously didn't want to be associated with cowardice?

Art by Richard Case & W.B. Hovious. On Sale Now!
First, there's The Three Lives of Fantomah: Book Two, the second in our series presenting the very best stories starring comicdom's first female superhero. In this book, Richard Case spearheads Fantomah's transformation from a wild spirit of vengeance something resembling a "jungle girl." This change was a reflection of genre boundaries starting to solidify and the comic book medium came into its own, and of the departure of the series creator, Fletcher Hanks. The book offers six rarely collected Fantomah stories, an all-new spell casting system for use with d20 OGL Modern. and a short piece of new fiction that back-fills a story reason for Fantomah's change, as well as setting up the further transformation that's coming in Book Three.

The Three Lives of Fantomah: Book Two is on sale at a reduced introductory price through 11/7 2014. Click here to see previews or to get your own copy.

Art by A.C. Hollingsworth (?). Available Now!

Next up, there's Devils in Petticoats. This book publishes two "true crime" stories, from two different publishers, with very similar titles, opening lines, and subject matter -- murderous women. These two stories--from two different publishers roughly a year apart--even have very similar opening lines. Whether they had the same writer (possibly Manny Stallman), whether someone really liked the first story, or if it's just coincidence we'll never know... but NUELOW's lead editor L.L. Hundal thought collecting them in one place for the first time would make for interesting reading. It also gave us cause to publish some d20 OGL Modern rules for playing femme fatale characters.

Click here to see previews or to get your own copy of Devils in Petticoats.

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