Friday, November 28, 2014

Two magic items for any roleplaying game

'Tis the season for leftovers. Here's a magic item inspired by a stray comment following a wonderful holiday dinner with friends.

 This small leather bag cinches shut with a narrow strip of rawhide. When opened, the user can pull out enough roasted meat to feed one person three times per day, or four people once per day. The type of meat is determined randomly by rolling a d6,

Die Roll        Type of Meat
1.                   Beef
2.                   Chicken
3.                   Turkey
4.                   Pork
5.                   Salmon
 6.                  Shark

This item functions as a Bag of Meat, except it has a broader selection. Roll 2d6 to determine the kind of meat supplied.

Dice Roll        Type of Meat
2.                    Partridge
3.                    Venison
4.                    Spam
5.                    Beef
6.                    Pork
7.                    Chicken
8.                   Turkey
9.                   Sausage
10.                 Salmon
11.                 Shark
12.                 Cod

A selection from a Bag of Meat

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