Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Another Doomsday That Wasn't...

Damn it. It looks like we're going to have to pay our bills and visit with the in-laws this weekend after all. Another end-of-the-world prophesy has failed to come to pass. (The latest one was April 23, 2018.)

This post was originally made in response to a failed End of the World prediction a group called the eBible Fellowship. Their founder, Chris McCann, claimed the world would be anniahlated on October 7, 2015--a date he came up with after the world didn't end on his previously predicted doomsday in May of 2011. You can read all about him here.

Although my disappointment in still having to figure out where to get them money to pay my bills is threatening to throw me into a deep depression, I will instead return to pounding my keyboard and designing game material and writing fiction. The first item in this renewed existence is a d20 System feat celebrating the powers of Chris McCann and his fellow doomsday prophets (profiteers?).

The text in this post is presented under the Open Game License, and it may be reproduced within its terms. Copyright 2015 by Steve Miller.

The Doomsday Prophet feat is suitable for just about any RPG using the d20 System as its foundation. The reference to a Wealth bonus is a d20 Modern specific mechanic. It can be ignored or  replaced with whatever mechanism that exists to grant characters bonuses to treasure earned.

DOOMSDAY PROPHET [Bard, Cleric, Dedicated Hero, Charismatic Hero]
You regularly predict the end of the world... and you continue to be taken seriously when it doesn't come.
   Prerequisite: Cha 15, Do As I Say, Not As I Do feat.
   Benefit: +6 to all Bluff and Diplomacy checks. Make a doomsday prediction (Bluff check DC 18). If successful, your Wealth bonus increases by +2 until the Date of Doom arrives. The date must be within one year of the day you make the prediction.
   If the world doesn't end, make another Bluff check (DC22) to revise your prediction and give satisfactory reasons for why you were wrong the first time. Your Wealth bonus remains if the second check is successful. When the new date arrives, you can roll another Bluff check to revise the date yet again. If the check fails, you lose the Wealth bonus.
   You can only make a completely new Doomsday Prediction every 12 months minus your Charisma bonus.
   Special: Whenever you make a Doomsday Prediction that fails to come to pass, the bonus provided by this feat is reduced by one point. When the bonus is reduced to 0, this feat is replaced with the Deceptive feat.


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