Saturday, April 23, 2016

Heroes of 7-Eleven: The Feat and Talent Tree

A goofy project that we're putting together here at NUELOW Games is the OGL d20 Modern supplement Heroes of 7-Eleven. Here are drafts of an all-new starting occupation, feat, and talent tree that will appear in it.

The following text is presented under the Open Game License. Copyright 2016 by Steve Miller.


You're a proud employee of the greatest convenience store chain on the planet!
   Prerequisite: Age 18+.
   Skills: Choose three of the following skills as permanent class skills. If a skill the character selects is already a class skill, he or she receives a +1 competence bonus on checks using that skill. Craft (electronic, mechanical, or structural), Climb, Drive, Intimidate, Listen, Repair, Spot.
   Bonus Feat: Select either Alterness or Confident
   Wealth Bonus Increase: +1.

Shift Worker
You don't need as much rest as normal mortals, so you can bounce with almost no notice from day shift to graveyard shift to swing shift with no problem! And double shifts? Not only not a problem--they're invorating!
   Benefit: You only need half the regular amount of rest and sleep to recover lost hit points, class abilities, and so on. This feat stacks with other feats or talents that reduces a character's need for rest.
   Prerequisite: Con 11

By Niall O'Loughlin


Hero of 7-Eleven Talents
Day after day, you fight the good fight against self-absorbed morons who believe they are always right. They call themselves "customers," but you know them as "pains-in-the-ass." And then there's the tweakers and the wanna-be gangsters who for some reason think there's more than $40 in the till, and who are willing to shoot you and any pains-in-the-ass that happen be around for it. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. That someone is, sadly, you. But you have some unique talents to help you survive...
   Feign Concern: When pretending to care about complaints, compliments, or threats regarding your job performance, workplace appearance, or anything relating to your place of employment or your employer, you gain a +4 bonus to all Bluff and Diplomacy skill checks. When inside any retail establishment, you also gain a +4 bonus to all Sense Motive skill checks.
   Bonus Feat: Gain one of the following feats instead of a talent. You must meet all qualifications and prerequisites for a feat before you may select it. You may do this up to five times.
   Altertness, Attentive, Confident, Elusive Target, Endurance, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, and Meticulous.
   Prerequisite: Shift Worker or Feign Concern talent
   Day Manager Material: As Feign Concern, but the bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy skill checks increases to +8.
   Prerequisite: Feign Concern
   Night Manager Material: When inside any retail establishment, you gain a +6 bonus to all Spot and Dodge skill checks. In addition, you gain a +1 bonus to your Initiative rolls and Defense Rating.
   Prerequisites: Feign Concern, Shift Worker feat

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