Monday, May 16, 2016

The Clothes of the Dead!

Random magic and curses from the thrift shop--presented under the Open Game License! (Copyright 2016 by Steve Miller)

Modern heroes who are low on funds can hit the local Salvation Army or Good Will outlets in search of magical treasures hidden among the other second-hand items. When they go shopping, roll on the first chart to see what item they find that's more than just another cheap bit of clothing, then roll on the second to see what the specific item does. Unless otherwise noted, all modifiers only apply while the item is worn.

Bonuses and penalties can only be determined when the item is used in the situation is provides modifiers for. In campaigns where the PCs have access to the means to detect magic and determine the functions of magic items, all the thrift store items radiate magic. Any attempt to determine their function "reveals" them to be artifacts with uncertain purposes. Characters who do research into the items, Arcane Knowledge, Occult Lore, or Research skill checks (DC18) will yield the information that Marion K. Basset (television personality and occult expert) has delivered multiple lectures on such items at conventions and is reported to be working on a book about them, She may be able to help assertain more details about them items.

1. Hat
2. Gloves
3. Jacket
4. Shirt
5. Pants
6. Footwear

1. +1 to all Charisma-based checks when worn
2. +2 to all Charisma-based checks directed at sex to which character is attracted.
3. +4 to Disguise checks
4. The item appears magical, but there it has no actual benefit or drawback
5. -4 to all Intelligence-based skill checks
6. +1 to Defense Rating, but -6 to all Wisdom-based skill checks

Gloves (unless otherwise noted, both gloves must be worn)
1. +1 to all Dexterity-based skill checks when worn.
2. +2 to all Craft and Repair skill checks when worn.
3. +2 to all Disable Device and Slight of Hand skill checks.
4. +2 to all Perform (Dance) skill checks; +4 if just the right hand glove is worn.
5. -4 to all Disable Device and Repair skill checks
6. -4 to all Repair skill checks, but +1 bonus to Fort saves to resist Cold Damage.

1. +2 bonus to Fort saves to resist Cold and Heat Damage (stacks with similar bonuses),
2. +2 to Defense Rating (stacks with similar bonuses),
3. +4 to Investigate skill checks,
4. +2 to Investigate skill checks, but -4 to Sense Motive skill checks
5. -2 to Defense Rating,
6. -2 to Fort saves to resist Cold and Heat Damage (stacks with similar bonuses),

1. The shirt never stains or becomes dirty.
2. +1 to Defense Rating OR +4 to skill checks related to acts of Seduction (when the top buttoms are undone).
3. +2 to Bluff and Diplomacy skill checks..
4. The spirit of the former owner haunts you. 50% chance that electronic devices being used near you malfunction at the worst possible time.
5. Enemies will target the wearer above other party members once they spot him or her.
6. -4 to all Charisma-based checks.

1. +2 to all Balance and Climb skill checks.
2. +2 to all Reflex saving throws
3. Pants tighten when worn. +4 to all skill checks relating to seduction.
4. +1 to Defense Rating (stacks with other bonuses).
5. -2 to all Reflex saving throws
6. 50% chance pants fall down at the worst possible moment (while character is fleeing a dangerous situation, for example).

1. + 4 bonus to Run skill checks.
2. +2 bonus to Move Silently and Perform (Dance) skills checks.
3. Movement Rate doubled.
4. -2 to Defense Rating to Dodge attacks (stacks with other bonuses).
5. 1d4 hours after being put on, a strong odor starts emanating from character's feet, imposing a -4 penalty on all Hide skill checks.
6. -2 to all Reflex saving throws and Run skill checks.

Roll 1d6 against teh table below. If several enchanted items are found, then roll that number of times against the ITEMS FOUND table and subtables to determine their types and enchantments.
1. None
2. 1d2
3. 1d2+1
4. 1d2+2
5. 1d2+3
6. None

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