Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Flying Fool lands at NUELOW Games!

The creative and editorial team of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon not only brought the world Captain America, but it brought us the first romance comics, helped develop the visual language of horror comics, and put any number of foundation stones for both comic book art form and comic book industry in place.

With out latest release, NUELOW Games throws the spotlight on Simon & Kirby's fantastic talents by collecting their run on "Link Thorne: The Flying Fool" in its entirety. The pair took a series that could generously be described as lackluster, and filled it with so much life and energy that the seven episodes they wrote and drew carried the series for an additional 16 episodes after they moved onto other projects.

Cover for Link Thorne: The Flying Fool. Art by Simon & Kirby
Link Thorne: The Flying Fool is not only a must-read for fans of well-done comics, but for those who love B-movies from the 1930s and 1940s, because each installment feels more like one of those movies than it does a comic book story. In addition to the comics, the book also contains a ROLF! scenario and game stats for key Flying Fool characters--as well as for Jack Kirby and Joe Simon!

You can get Link Thorne: The Flying Fool at DriveThruComics, DriveThruRPG, and RPGNow.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Presenting 'OGL Drunkards'!

From the people who brought you The Unholy 3 and OGL Trickery, OGL Redheads, and Modern Basics: Feats of an Adult Nature comes OGL Drunkards!

Is it just me, or does that lady have huge hands?
OGL Drunkards features feats, a talent tree, and a new skill for hard-drinking d20 System characters. And that pretty much sums up everything there is to day about the product... other than to add that it's a reminder of what classy people we are here at NUELOW Games. Elevating roleplaying games in the minds of the general public is what we're all about.

You can get OGL Drunkards at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG, along with all the other great NUELOW Games product for the d20 System (with an emphasis on OGL Modern).

As a further way to celebrate and promote this new release (as well as drive home the point of what a class act we are), here's a new skill and feat to use with OGL Drunkards. (The rest of this post is released under the Open Game License, and the material may be reproduced in accordance with its terms.)

Precision Urination (Dexterity) 
When drunk, you may perform amazing feats of urination.
   Here are some sample actions and their DCs. (Drunkeness penalties apply.)
   Pee in a bottle or can: DC 4
   Put out a candle: DC 6
   Put out a torch: DC 10
   Write your name, if non-elf or non-drow: DC 12
   Write your name, if elf or drow: DC 14
   Put out a camp fire: DC 18
   Hit any specific target: DC 2 + 2/1 ft. distance, up to 10 ft, or DC 2 + 2/4 ft. distance, up to 40 ft. f the target is on a lower level than you. You must have a clear line of sight to the target.
   Special: Female characters receive a -12 modifier on precision urination skill checks (in addition to any drunkeness penalties), unless they are shapeshifters. Using a funnel or similar device provides a +6 bonus to the use of this skill. Bonuses to ranged attacks provided by feats may be added to the checks for this skill.
   Precision Urination becomes a permanent class skill for any character who has a talent from the Drunkard talent tree.

Drunken Direction Sense (with thanks to Scott Kankleborg)
You gain a +6 bonus to Navigation and Survival checks to find the most direct and safest path home when drunk. "Home" is defined as your place of residence, even a temporary one, such as a hotel room or a camp in the wilderness.
   Special: The bonus from this feat is applied after Drunkeness penalties.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

More NPC stats for your 5E game!

Andrew Pavlides is back with another NUELOW Games contribution... and Head Honcho Steve Miller lends a hand on this product featuring a collection of spellcasters and all-new spells designed to bedevil or support the PCs in your D&D Fifth Edition games!

Art by Storn Cook

Get your copy, or see previews of, Generic NPCs: An Assortment of Wizards, Warlocks and Their Followers by clicking here!