Sunday, November 27, 2016

Telepaths for the d20 Supers System

Here's another addition to the feats and talent-based superpowers system that's been developing here at the NUELOW Games blog, and in our comics/RPG-hybrid books over the past few years. All text in this post is released under the Open Game License. Copyright 2016 Steve Miller.

New Feat
Telepathy [Minor Power]
You can communicate telepathically with other intelligent beings.
   Benefit: As a free action, you may broadcast your thoughts to a number of intelligent beings (Intelligence score 3 or higher) up to your Wisdom bonus, and you hear their thoughts in return. If you wish to perform other actions, or take damage while maintaining telepathic contact, you must roll a Concentration skill check (DC12, plus the amount of damage suffered if injured). You may re-establish contact on the following round if it is lost. Ending the telepathic connection with a target is also a free action.
   The range of your telepathy is line-of-sight and a 50-foot radius. The telepathic link is always two ways; you broadcast your thoughts to the targets and you in turn can hear theirs. Unwilling targets may roll Willpower saves (DC15) to push you from their minds.
   If you establish a connection with multiple minds at once, making sense of the babble of thoughts you receive back from them as difficult as if you were trying to keep track of several conversations at once. You may roll an Intelligence check (+1 to the roll for each being beyond the first one linked to) to successfully keep the mind-babble straight in your head.

New Talent Tree
Telepathy Superpower Talent Tree
The talents in this tree grant or enhance telepathic powers.
   Enhanced Telepathy: As the Telepathy feat, but you may choose to broadcast your thoughts to all intelligent beings within a 100-foot radius, or to a number of specified intelligent beings up to twice your Wisdom bonus. With a standard action and a successful Will save (DC12), you can isolate the thoughts of a specific being, causing all the others to fade into background noise. You may switch to a different mind to emphasize every round you maintain mental contact.
   Prerequisite: Telepathy minor power feat
   Mental Eavesdropping: As the Telepathy minor power feat, except the connection is one-way; you hear the thoughts of the targets, but they cannot hear yours. The GM should roll a secret Will save (DC12) for each target. If the Will save is successful, they feel as though someone is watching them. Targets that possesses the Telepathy feat or talents from the Telepathy tree are certain that someone is listening in on their thoughts if they successfully save and may make a second Will save (DC15) to force the eavesdropping telepath from their minds.
    Prerequisite: Any one minor power feat
   Superior Telepathy: As Enhanced Telepathy, but you may choose to broadcast your thoughts across great distances. The range and number of people you contact depend on level of success you have with a Willpower save, made as a free action when establishing the telepathic links.
   DC11: 10-mile radius, choose to limit contact to targets up 5 times your Wisdom bonus.
   DC13: 100-mile radius, choose to limit contact to targets up 10 times your Wisdom bonus.
   DC15: 1,000-mile radius, choose to limit contact to targets up 20 times your Wisdom bonus.
   DC17: 10,000-mile radius, choose to limit contact to targets up 50 times your Wisdom bonus.
   DC19: 100,000-mile radius, choose to limit contact to targets up 100 times your Wisdom bonus.
   DC21: One million-mile radius, choose to limit contact to targets up 200 times your Wisdom bonus.
   DC23: 10 light year radius, choose to limit contact to targets up 500 times your Wisdom bonus.
   DC25: 100 light year radius, choose to limit contact to targets up 1,000 times your Wisdom bonus.
   Further, with Superior Telepathy, you only hear the thoughts of those specific beings you choose to hear; this is strictly a one-way broadcast unless you wish otherwise.
   Prerequisite: Enhanced Telepathy
   Telepathic Hub: Establish telepathic contact with other characters possessing the Telepathy minor power feat. For each such character contacted, every person gains a +2 bonus to telepathy-, Intelligence-, and Wisdom-related skill checks and saving throws while the link is maintain. If more than one character possesses the Telepathic Hub talent, the bonus is still only applied once.
   Prerequisite: Telepathy minor power feat

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