Thursday, February 1, 2018

Two Feats of Questionable Quality (but we like 'em!)

We hope these get your February off to a fun start.

BABY ROLL [Combat]
You may use babies as distractions in combat.
   Benefit: When fighting, you may roll or throw a baby per round at opponents with a standard attack action. Any lawful good character must give up a combat action in order to either dodge or attempt to catch the baby by making a Reflex save (DC equals your attack roll). If the target fails to avoid or catch the baby, he or she and the baby both take 1d2 points of damage. If your attack roll misses, the baby still takes 1d2 points of damage.
   Special: If you have the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, you may roll or throw two babies each round.

BAD IDEA [General, Metagame]
You knew it was a bad idea, but you did it anyway.
   Prerequisite: One talent from the Too Dumb to Die tree.
   Benefit: Whenever you fail an attack roll or skill check that had a DC of 22 or higher, the GM must let you roll 2d6 and add the result to your check total. If the new total means a successful check, that's exactly what it is. If it fails, you deserve what you get for being overconfident and stupid.

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