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Additional Ninja Cutie Secrets Revealed!

Here's some additional information about, and feats and a starting profession for, the Ninja Cuties!

Ninja Cuties trace their origins back to mid-15th Century Japan when the Shouchiibi Ninja Clan decided they would develop their skills around "working smarter not harder, and generally take advantage of being smoking hot!" The effort was hugely successful, and male and female clanmembers vamped and vogued their way through the next few centuries before doing either was even a Thing. With the advent of photography, and eventually motion pictures, they spread across the world, hiding their true natures as spies and assassins and all-around rogues-for-hire behind the facade of being actors and models.
   Whereever they went, they recruited local beautiful people into their ranks, and by the 1940s, they were the first truly global Ninja Clan. A number of the most glamorous internationally known models and movie stars have been Ninja Cuties--something which remains true to this day.
   During the 1930s, this led to the Great Sundering, as those Ninja Cuties based outside of Japan were increasingly at odds with those in the land of their origins, finding themselves fighting against the Japanese Empire rather than for it. (The Ninja Cuties in the U.S. were in a particularly strange position, as White and Black Ninja Cuties were fighting both Japanese agents and the American government as they established secret havens for those among them who were of Japanese descent.
   During the Cold War, the various factions of Ninja Cuties came back together, united by common heritage and good looks. Through the decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall, their global secret network has only grown stronger. In the modern world, a Ninja Cutie will always help a member of the clan, even if their nations are at odds. Even Ninja Cuties who have strayed from the path set down by their forebears can expect help and support from the clan. call on that person will receive help and support from the clan.
   In present day, Ninja Cuties can be found throughout the entertainment and modeling businesses. Some have even entered the political realm, as good looks and sharp wit has become more important than actual intelligence and leadership skills. In order to preserve the secrecy surrounding the Shouchiibi Clan, some Ninja Cuties use their martial arts prowess as part of their performances, and  have even arranged to have fictionalized and comedic versions of their secret society presented on film, such as the one featured in Zoolander 2. As a result, even if sopmeone were to attempt to expose the existince of the Ninja Cuties, they would be laughed at and silly crazy conspiracy theorists.

Art by Claudio Pozas. Used with Permission.

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Most Ninja Cuties are raised from a young age to be cute but deadly. This starting profession reflects that, and unless the character was inculcated into the Secret Circle of Cutie Ninjas later in life, this Starting Profession should be chosen.

You were born and raised within the secret community of the Ninja Cuties. Whether you stayed true to your childhood training and heritage as your family wished, or ultimately chose to persue a different path.
   Prerequisite: Charisma 13
   Skills: Choose three of the following skills as a permanent class skill. If a skill the character selects is already a class skill, he or she receives a +1 competence bonus on checks using that skill. Acrobatics, Bluff, Concentrate, Knowledge (Arcane Lore), Knowledge (Mysticism), Move Silently, Tumble, Perform (specific field), Search, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spot.
   Feats: Select one of the following to receive as a bonus feat. The character must meet any prerequisites. Combat Reflexes, Dancing Queen, Informant Network, Ninja Cutie, Shameless.

Here are some feats suitable for Ninja Cuties.

DANCING QUEEN [Fast Hero, Bard, Fighter, Rogue]
You can dance, you can fight!
   Benefit: The character practices mixed martial arts. Add 1/2 of the character's ranks (round down) in the Perform [dance] skill to all melee attack rolls.

The character has an uncanny ability for sensing trouble just before it strikes.
   Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to all Spot and Sense Motive skill checks.

The character can use even the slightest shadow to "hide in plain sight."
   Prerequisite: Hide 6 ranks, Move Silently 6 ranks
   Benefit: When in an area that features at least some shadow, the character gains a +8 bonus to Hide skill checks.

SPECIALITY MARTIAL ARTIST [Fighter, Fast Hero, Strong Hero]
The character has mastered an unusual fighting style that turns normally harmless pursuits deadly.
   Prerequisite: Combat Martial Arts or Defensive Martial Arts
   Benefit: When this feat is selected, specify a Craft, Knowledge, or Perform skill. The character is a master of a fighting style that weaponizes that activity. You add ½ your number of ranks in the designated skill (round up) to your to-hit and damage rolls when making unarmed attacks. The character may use objects associated with the activity as improvised melee or ranged weapons without suffering a non-proficiency penalty. In general, the objects deal a base of 1d4 points of damage with a base crit range of 19-20.
   Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time, a different Craft, Knowledge, or Perform skill must be specified. You must declare which version of the feat (if any) the character is using at the beginning of each round if making a martial arts attack.

A Ninja Cutie Battle Anthem!

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