Friday, April 12, 2013

J is for Jester's Regalia

Today's Blogging Challenge entry is a collection of magic items for the d20 System. All text in this post is Open Gaming Content and is published under this license. If you wish to reuse this material, please give credit and copyright acknowledgement to NUELOW Games and Steve Miller.

The Jester's Regalia (By Steve Miller)
The Jester's Regalia was created for Berlan, the renegade son of King Erlash the Third of Reyla. The young man wanted to spend his life singing and dancing rather than leading armies and royal courts, and he commissioned some of the realms finest magic craftsmen to create a unique costume for him that would enhance his abilities as an entertainer.
   The outfit that was created for him has been named the Jester's Regalia by historians, as Berlan spent time performing as a roaming jester and comedian in the neighboring kingdom of Desilain after fleeing from his father's court.  It is crafted from the finest silks and linens and is bright purple, green, and gold in color. Small bells along the seams of the cap and the tunic's arms tinkle when the character moves.
   Berlan's career in show business ended abruptly when he was murdered and dismembered by a troupe of wandering minstrels who were envious of his rapidly growing fame. To hide their crime, they scattered the elements of the Jester's Regalia throughout the lands they traveled through. While individual pieces have since been reported in the possession of this collector or that adventurer, no one has ever managed to gather all give pieces together since Berlan's demise.

D20 System Stats
Each of the five pieces that make up the Jester's Regelia give the wearer a specific bonus.

   Jester's Cap: When worn, grants the character a +2 bonus to all Charisma-based skills, as well as a +2 bonus to Disguise checks as part of it hides the wearer's face and provides a slight magical distortion to his or her voice--making it more high pitched.
   Jester's Gloves: When worn, grants the character a +4 to Sleight of Hand skill checks.
   Jester's Shoes: When worn, grants the character a +4 bonus to Climb skill checks.
   Jester's Tights: When worn, grants the character a +2 bonus to Tumble skill checks.
   Jester's Tunic: When worn, grants that character a +2 enhancement bonus to armor class or defense rating..

   When all five pieces are worn together, the character  gains the fascinate ability, and can cast the following spells twice per day as if he or she is a 15th level caster: animate rope, dancing lights, ghost sound, mass charm monster, prestidigitation, sculpt sound, suggestion, tiny hut, zone of silence.

   Drawback: Unfortunately, the Jester's Regalia carries a potentially lethal downside, one that was inserted into the item during the creation process by an agent of King Erlash III who wanted to stop his son from embarrassing himself and the royal family. Whenever a character with 5 or more ranks in any Perform skill watches anyone perform in the entire Jester's Regalia, there is a 10% chance that character will be filled with an instant dislike and disgust for the performer. If the affected character fails a Will save (DC20) that dislike turns into a homicidal rage that prompts the character to instantly attack the performer. The dislike and/or rage remains until the effected character is subjected to remove curse cast at 20th level.

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