Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Bessie Love and the Crown of Eternal Mastery

We once again provide a glimpse of a time when Bessie Love (as part of her secret battle against supernatural evil) perhaps saved the world... but at the very least took a powerful magic item out of malicious hands. As per usual, we translate the item into roleplaying game terms via the d20 System.

Bessie Love

On Halloween, 1928, Bessie Love had her first of many encounters with evil-doers trying to harness magic and enchanted artifacts left behind after the fall of ancient Atlantis. She prevented a necromancer from harnessing the powers of the Gourdians, and, in doing so, came into possession of the Crown of Eternal Mastery. She even wore it to a Halloween Party that night--where she accidentally gained some insight into its powers. (Bessie found herself to be a better dancer than she had ever been before, as well as feeling more limber and dexterous while waring the Crown. She took this to mean that it enhanced a person's agility and dexterity. She failed to imagine the full power of the item, and she put it away in her collection of magical artifacts without ever realizing the truth.)

This is a large, elaborate headdress that consists of a caul that's covered with a complex and tangled arrangement of gemstones and pearls on strings or set into delicate platinum frames.  It represents the pinnacle of magical craftsmanship based in a fusion of the now-mostly forgotten Atlantean magical disciplines of Biomancy and Technomancy. It absorbs all knowledge and skills possessed by someone who dies while wearing it, allowing others to later access and use it as if it was their own. Each pearl contains the sum total of experience and knowledge possessed by a person who has passed on. Each gem houses not only a person's knowledge and experience but their personality as well.
   If it is subjected to methods that reveal magical auras, the Crown of Eternal Mastery is revealed to be imbued with powerful magics of an undeterminable variety. If the character attempting to analyze the item's magical aura is a skilled at creating enchanted items, he or she can make an Arcane Lore or Spellcraft skill check (DC18) to determine that there are faint undercurrents of abjuration and necromantic magic in the otherwise alien emanations.

Using the Crown of Eternal Mastery
When worn, the Crown of Eternal Mastery provides the wearer with a +2 bonus to Will saves. Additionally, the character can gain bonuses to skill checks and attack rolls for a limited time.
   Unless the character somehow gains access to ancient Atlantean means of determining the functions of magical items, the Crown of Eternal Mastery will initially seem to function at random. Whenever the character wearing the Crown makes an attack roll or skill check, the GM should roll against the following table. The character gains the indicated bonuses for the duration of the encounter; until another skill check is made; until the character falls unconscious or goes to sleep; or for six hours. The GM decides which of the three options makes the most sense in the context of when the item is triggered.
   The bonuses provided by the Crown stack with all other bonuses. The bonuses do not count for purposes of damage resistance against non-magical weapons.

d20 Roll    Result
1                +4 bonus to all Strength-based skill checks.
2                +2 bonus to all Strength-based skill checks,
                  +2 bonus to all melee attack rolls/melee damage rolls.
3                +4 bonus to all Dexterity-based skill checks
4                +2 bonus to all Dexterity-based skill checks,
                  +2 bonus to all ranged attack rolls.
5                +4 bonus to all Constitution-based skill checks.
6                +4 bonus to all Intelligence-based skill checks.
7                +6 bonus to all Craft skill checks.
8                +4 bonus to all Wisdom-based skill checks.
9                +4 bonus to all Charisma-based skill checks.   
10              +6 bonus to all Perform skill checks.
11              +4 bonus to attack/damage with bladed melee weapons.
12              +4 bonus to attack/damage with blunt melee weapons.
13              +4 bonus to attack/damage with thrown weapons.
14              +4 bonus to ranged attack rolls.
15              +8 bonus to all Knowledge skill checks.
16              +8 bonus to all Perform skill checks with instruments.
17              +8 bonus to Acrobatics and Perform (Dance) skill checks.
18              +8 bonus to Hide and Move Silently skill checks.
19              Roll twice on this table, ignoring and re-rolling additional
                  results of 19. Gain both benefits.
20              Gain instant knowledge of the purpose of the Crown
                  and how to properly use it.

Whenever the character is under one of the benefits of the Crown, he or she feels like some unseen presence is there, watching. The GM should also secretly roll 1d6. On a "6", the character hears a faint voice, a barely audible whisper that is so faint the character can't hear what is being said. The third time the character hears the voice, he or she is finally able to discern the words: The voice is explaining how to use the Crown of Eternal Mastery.

Using the Crown of Eternal Mastery Properly
The character wearing the Crown of Eternal Mastery may attempt to invoke its powers once per round. To do so, the character takes a standard action, and the player rolls a Willpower saving throw (DC11). If the roll is successful, the player declares which of the following benefits the character gains:  
   * +4 bonus to all attack rolls, and a +4 bonus to all skill checks under the physical attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution).
   * +4 bonus to all attack rolls, and a +4 bonus to all skill checks under mental attributes (Intelligence, Wisdom).
   * +4 bonus to all attack rolls, and a +6 bonus to all skill checks under the Charisma attribute.
   * +6 bonus to all Demotions, Disable Device, Hide, and Move Silently skill checks.
   * +8 bonus to all Knowledge skill checks.

The bonuses lasts for six hours, or until the character chooses another set of bonuses. The bonuses also end if the character falls unconscious or goes to sleep while wearing the crown. (See "Drawbacks of the Crown of Eternal Mastery", below, for more.)
   If the Will saving throw to properly activate the Crown's benefits fails, the GM rolls on the table of random bonuses.

Drawbacks of the Crown of Eternal Mastery
If the character falls unconscious or goes to sleep while wearing the crown, one of the personalities in housed in the gems takes control of the character's body. The character retains all physical attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution), but the Charisma attribute is temporarily reduced by 2 points. Mental attributes (Intelligence and Wisdom) are replaced by those of the controlling spirit. The possessing spirit has access to all of the player character's memories and skills, as well as well as its own. The spirit is motivated primarily by a desire to keep the player character safe and help him or her to succeed. (Whether the GM plays the character while it is inhabited by a different spirit is up to the GM.)
   If the player character dies while wearing the Crown of Eternal Mastery, his or her spirit is instantly absorbed into one of the Crown's gems and is added to the preserved knowledge and skill mastery preserved within it.

Destroying the Crown of Eternal Mastery
Any method that will destroy a normal magic item will destroy the Crown of Eternal Mastery. However, 1d6+2 angry ghosts emerge from the Crown and attack those who are attempting to destroy it. 

All text in this post is presented under the Open Game License and may be reproduced in accordance with its terms. Copyright 2022 by Steve Miller. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Bessie Love and the Mist Maiden's Kit

It time for us to reveal another chapter in the secret life of actress/adventuress Bessie Love. As is our habit, we translate the magical artifacts she encountered during this adventure in d20 System roleplaying game rules.

Bessie Love


 In October of 1928, Bessie Love traveled to Seattle, WA. She was her way to what was rumored to be the most haunted lighthouse in the world on Devastation Point, but the night her train pulled into the Seattle station, a series of brutal murders began. Someone was stabbing and mutilate young, beautiful, and free-spirited women... someone who seemed to simply dissolve into the rain or mist after performing the hideous deed. The killer eventually claimed eight victims and became known as the Seattle Creeper.

Love eventually tracked and defeated the killer, discovering that she was a librarian whose fiance had cheated on her with several women and then jilted her at the altar. The woman had a vast amount of arcane knowledge, which she used to acquire a trio of stealth-enhancing artifacts collectively known as the Mist Maiden's Kit, and then went on her murder spree. 

After defeating the murderous woman, Love added the artifacts to her collection. She would, on occasion, use the Mist Maiden's Kit during her investigations since its potential drawbacks were minor and more inconvenient than dangerous. 

Bessie Love, Flapper
Bessie Love wearing the Mist Maiden's Kit

The rest of the text in this post is released under the Open Game License, and it may be produced in accordance with those terms. 

The Mist Maiden's Kit
In 1924, a young couple, Carlton Jamieson and Lisa Svensen decided to become "rum-runners" and smuggle illegal liquor from Canada and across Lake Erie. The couple already ran an "underground railroad" that smuggled criminals and other people on the run across the Lake Erie from Cleveland and into Canada, so was a small thing for them to expand into a new and lucrative area.

Carlton and Lisa were both from families who were long-time practitioners of sorcery and they used their arcane knowledge to facilitate their smuggling ventures, be they transporting humans or booze. Lisa had crafted a number of items that augmented stealth while Carlton enchanted their boat to travel more quickly and quietly across the waters. Although young, Lisa was already renowned for her ability to transform or conceal items or beings, and had earned the nickname "The Mist Maiden." (It was a small irony that Lisa was an expert at stealth magic, since she loved being fashionable and loved being the center of attention.)

Sadly, the couple's magic was no protection when hardcore gangsters decided they wanted to take over their operation, and killed Carlton while sinking the boat. A heartbroken Lisa used her magical gifts to take revenge on those who murdered her beloved. She used the same magical tools that had once helped her avoid detection while smuggling to gain access to those who murdered Carlton and execute them.

When the last man involved with the murder was dead, Lisa wished that she could be reunited with Carlton, and she dissolved into mist, leaving behind only the stealth-augmenting artifacts she was wearing--the Galoshes of Stealth, the Raincoat of Protection, and the Rainhat of Hiding. Each of the three items have a magical effect when worn, but their individual magical auras combine to provide the wearer with the ability to dissolve herself and all things worn or carried into vapor and then later reversing the process.

The Galoshes of Stealth
This is a pair of tan rubber overshoes that can be fastened to protect the wearer's calves as well. (During the 1920s, it was fashionable for young women to leave their galoshes unfastened, with the tops either folded or flapping loose.)
   The Galoshes of Stealth protects the wearer's feet (and lower legs, if properly fastened) from any liquid she might step in, up and including lava. Additionally, the wearer can move through any type of terrain and leave neither footprints nor scent. Tracking the subjects is impossible by nonmagical means.

The Raincoat of Protection
This is a black-trimmed, tan raincoat that's covered in a delicate, floral pattern that conceals the magical runes powering the item's enchantments. The pattern matches that on the Rainhat of Hiding.
   The Raincoat of Protection grants the wearer a +2 to AC/DR, as well as a +4 bonus to saving throws made to resist effects and damage from element-based spells and abilities. Finally, once it is brought out of the rain, it is immediately dry and clean.

The Rainhat of Hiding
This is a black-trimmed, tan rainhat that's covered in a delicate floral pattern that conceals the magical runes powering the items enchantments. The pattern matches that on the Raincoat of Protection.
   The Rainhat of Hiding grants the wearer a +4 bonus to all Hide skill checks and a +4 bonus to Move Silently checks. The bonuses are lost if the wearer intentionally calls attention to him- or herself, such as making an attack, a loud noise, or waving around a flashlight or bright object. The bonuses can be restored if the character can duck out of view of watchers.
   Like the Raincoat of Protection, this item is immediately dry and clean once it is brought out of the rain.

Combined Powers of the Maiden's Kit
When worn together, the three items give the wearer the ability to turn into a cloud of fine mist that is roughly the same shape and size as the character when wearing the Maiden's Kit. In order to transform, the wearer must take a full round action to will herself to assume a misty form, and make a successful Willpower saving throw (DC8). If the check fails, another attempt can be made the following round.
   Once transformed into mist, the character gains the following benefits:
   * Gains +20 bonus to all Hide checks when outside in the dark, and a +10 bonus if inside in the dark. If someone were to  Is completely undetectable through normal means when in mist or fog.
   * Can do anything a cloud of mists can do, such as flow through a crack under the door or a window. The character leaves a very faint trail of moisture.
   * Can move across the surface of water at the same movement rate as if on solid, even ground. (The character cannot enter the water, however.)
   * Immune to physical attacks, but also cannot make attacks or cast any spells, defensive or offensive.
   * +4 bonus to all saving throws against effects and damage from magical and supernatural attacks.

The transformation ends if the character loses consciousness, is subjected to an anti-magic field, dispel magic (at a 20th-level caster strength), or takes a full round action to will herself back into a solid state with a successful Willpower saving throw (DC12). If the Willpower roll fails, the character remains in her misty state for 1d12+2 hours before finally becoming solid again.

For a complete index to all of Bessie Love's adventures that have been revealed here at Shades of Gray, click here.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

New Feat: Divide by Zero

Here's a feat for use with the NUELOW Games superpowers d20 System rules, or just for the hell of it in particularly crazy games. (Well, even when used as a superpower, it probably works best in particularly crazy games...)

All text in this post is presented under the Open Game License, and it may be reproduced in accordance with its terms. Copyright 2022 Steve Miller.

DIVIDE BY ZERO [Meta-Gaming, Minor Power]
Nothing is impossible. NOTHING!
   Prerequisite: Lucky feat
   Benefit: Whenever you fail a d20 roll (attack, saving throw, or skill check), you may reroll by announcing to the DM that you are doing so.
   Special: There are two outcomes from invoking this feat.
   If the re-roll is successful, treat it as a critical success (when appropriate). You gain a +1 bonus to all d20 rolls for the rest of the game session.
   If the re-roll fails, you (and possibly the other player characters) suffer one of the following random consequences. (DM's choice/creation or random selection by rolling 1d8 from the following table.)
   1. Your character suffers a -1 penalty to all d20 rolls for the rest of the game session.
   2. Your character suffers a -2 penalty to all d20 rolls for the rest of the game session.
   3. Your character's shadow disconnects from him or her. At the beginning of the next round, the shadow solidifies into a exact copy of the character, with the same attributes, hit points, skills, and combat abilities. All gear and equipment is copied as well. This shadow-being immediately attacks the character from which it sprang. It does not stop until it or the character is defeated (below 0 hit points), at which time it dissolves with a shriek of frustration and pain.
   4. Your character's shadow disconnects from you at the end of the encounter and become an independent creature. Until you manage to recover it, you will cast no shadow.
   5. Your character no longer cast a shadow, nor does he or she have a reflection. This condition persists for 1d6+1 days.
   6. Your character's reflection in mirrors has a 50% chance of emerging from the mirror and attacking him or her if no one else is around. This mirror image of the character has  the same attributes, hit points, skills, and combat abilities. All gear and equipment is copied as well. This being attacks the character until it or its target is defeated (reduced below 0 hit points). It then it explodes into hundreds of mirror fragments, with a dying shriek of frustration and pain, and inflicts 1d4+1 points of damage upon . This condition persists for 1d6+1 days.
   7. All PCs and major NPCs present during when the failed re-roll was made, and who are alive at the end of the encounter, are subject to a -2 penalty to all d20 rolls until they unite to seek out the Monkey King at the center of Reality. All living characters must undertake this journey together, or none will be liberated from the curse by the Monkey King.
   8. The character's physical form changes. Roll on this table to determine determine the character's new sex and on this table to determine his or her new race.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Spirit-Infused Coffee for the d20 System

An ad for "spirit-infused coffee" appeared in Steve Miller's Facebook feed. Although he KNEW what was meant by it--coffee augmented with the flavor of bourbon, tequila, or some other form of hard liquor--an idea for an adventure scenario popped into his head. Although the game mechanics included are for the d20 System, we believe that this idea is easily adaptable to any RPG.

(And if the roastery that inspired this post comes along and recognizes the modified image of their product that we appropriated for this post--please don't us!)

An Adventure Idea by Steve Miller

A sudden rash of violent murders against either random people, coworkers, or family members, is plaguing the city and slowly spreading across the nation. If the murderer is taken alive, he or she claims to have no memory of what happened. The only common thread is that Spirit-Infused Coffee (a medium-roast made from Arabica beans) has been found in the home or workplace of the killers. Standard analysis of the coffee shows no toxins or unexpected ingrediencies. Even if it is banned from stores, there's no way to stop the firm from offering it via mail order, and their legal team crush anyone who tries to interfer with the selling of the coffee. In fact, the claims that it might be driving people to murder becomes the motivating factor for TikTok Challenges.

The coffee is literally infused with spirits. Demons are summoned during the roasting process, and they are literally cooked into the beans, and those who drink the coffee are extremely likely to fall victim to demonic possession.

Roll 3d6 against the following table to determine what happens to those who drink the Spirit-Infused Coffee:
   3. Nothing but a pleasant caffeine jolt.
   4-5. Characters become overly horny and will be on a constant hunt for sexual partners. When advances are rebuffed, they must make successful Will saves (DC13) or attack the target of lust.
   6-7. Characters constantly desire food and drink, and it has to be high quality. When denied, or served bad food, the characters must make successful Will saves (DC13) or attempt to kill anyone who is perceived as standing in the way of a desired meal.
   8-9. Character must roll a Will save (DC13) whenever they are around cash or in shops. If the saving throw fails, they attempt to steal the money or some valuable item from the store. Anyone who tries to stop them is violently attacked.
   10-11. Characters stop going to work and instead just lounge about their homes all day, sleeping whenever possible. If the coffee is consumed at work, they must make successful Will saves (DC13) or immediately stop work and just be lazy. Anyone who tries to get them to stop sitting around is violently attacked.
   12-13. Once per hour characters must roll WIll saves (DC13) or be filled with homicidal rage against the nearest, most obvious target. (If it's someone or something in some sort of media, the characters must seek that person or place out). The rage lasts until the target is eliminated, and will grow to encompass anyone perceived as being between the characters and their ultmate target.
   14-15. Characters who see someone displaying obvious wealth, someone who is physically attractive, or who may simply just be enjoying a good time with friends, must roll Will saves (DC13) or violently attack that person. They will also attempt to steal whatever valuables the target is carrying. (This could be mugging, or a mass-killing, depending on the situation.)
   16-17. Characters become extremely self-satisfied and filled with pride over everthing they they do. They will constantly brag about themselves and demand recognition and praise. They must roll successful Will saves (DC13) if anyone denies their greatness, or violently attack the offender.
   18. Nothing but a pleasant caffeine jolt.

The evil spirit that has been infused into the coffee drinker remains in his or her body for six days, or until a Will save is failed. During that time, the coffee drinker cannot be possessed by other demons, no matter how much of the spirit-infused coffee they might drink. The coffee drinker will have only the haziest of recollections of the time he or she was possessed, and will remember nothing once he or she turns violent.

It will be up to the PCs to discover the true nature of Spirit-Infused Coffee and stop the spread of evil! They will have to get into the roastery and destroy the ritual site, and kill the demonologist behind the scheme. If their IDs are discovered during this process, they will find themselves hounded by the law firm (who are literally devils' advocates), even if they avoid any consequences from the authorities.

All text in this post is released under the Open Game License and may be reproduced in accordance with its terms. Copyright Steve Miller 2022

Monday, February 28, 2022

Coming Soon: 'The Original Peacemaker'!

We're finalizing a new release that's been on-again, off-again since 2017 or so. (While this can be said of most of our planned releases lately, this one has been more-so than some of others.)

Given that there's a TV series currently headling the Peacemaker, we figure the time is now or never to  time to bring out THE ORIGINAL PEACEMAKER! It will collect half-a-dozen early Peacemaker tales by the character's creators, Joe Gill, Pat Boyette, and Dick Giordano and feature new d20 System content. We hope this first release will be the first of two volumes.

By way of a preview, here's draft material of some of the d20 System content that will be in the book first book. The art with this post is an unfinished draft of the cover for the projected second volume in the series, as well as panels from the comics, taken from raw scans. (As per usual, they'll be cleaned up a bit and in black-and-white in the actual book.)

Here are d20 System rules for some of the more unique items in the Peacemaker's armory, . All are the product of Christopher Smith's singular genius, and he will only share them with his most trusted allies.

During his brief association with NASA, Christopher Smith had the opportunity to study some alien technology that had been recovered on the Moon. The device, which looked like a chair, allowed a person sitting in cause it to rise into the air and slowly float in whatever direction the user wished. the person in the chair could also cause small items to float in the air and even bring them to him or her, or cause them to float toward targets. 
   Smith managed to reverse engineer and miniaturize the portion of the alien device augmented human brainwaves to grant limited telekinetic and telepathic powers. He encased his invention in the helmet he wears as the Peacemaker. 
   Although the helmet appears solid, it can be collapsed into an almost flat state (just three inches in depth) and can easily be concealed in a briefcase, for example.
    Using the Brainwave Augmentation Helmet: When wearing the Brainwave Augmentation Helmet, the user can make a Willpower saving throw to either use telepathy to project thoughts to a single target within line-of-sight, use telekinesis to manipulate small objects, or fire the laser built into the front of the helmet.
   When a would-be user puts on the helmet for the first time, he or she feels like someone just crushed his or her head with a rock. The character must roll a Fortitude saving throw (DC12) or become unconscious. If the character wears the helmet for three full rounds (with a successful DC12 Fortitude save required each round), the pain stops as immediately as it began, and he or she is now attuned to the helmet and may wear it without difficulty going forward. If he or she became unconscious or removed the helmet, the process must be repeated. 
   Projecting Thoughts: The character wearing the Brainwave Augmentation Helmet must specify the target to whom thoughts are to be sent. As a full round action, upon making a successful Willpower saving throw, the character may then transmit a statement, question, or command to the target. The target hears the character's voice in his or her head, in the target's native language. The difficulty of the Willpower saving throw is DC4, with +2 added for each word sent, and +2 added for every 20 feet of distance between the sender and the target. The player must specify the message before the roll is made, and if the saving throw fails, the target does not hear the thoughts. 
    The user of the helmet can try to send messages to a target as many times as he or she wishes, with a new Willpower save required for each attempt. The target does not typically receive a saving throw to resist, but if he or she is aware of what's happening and does not want to give the user access to their head, the target's Wisdom bonus is added to the user's Willpower DC.
   Manipulating Small Objects: As standard action, the user of the helmet can flip switches, pull triggers, turn handles, or do any other manipulation of small objects within his or her line of sight. He or she can also lift small objects and cause them to float slowly in the air in whatever direction he or she wills, so long as he or she concentrates on the object.
   To use the telekinetic powers granted by the Brainwave Augmentation Helmet, the wearer must specify an object and an action. Then, he or she must roll a Willpower saving throw (base DC2, with +2 added for every 5 feet of distance between the user and the object, as well as an additional +2 for every 5 pounds of weight).
   Firing the Helmet Laser: As a free action, the user must aim the laser by looking at the target and then fire it by making a successful Willpower saving throw (base DC0). The user must then take a standard attack action and roll a ranged attack to see if he or she successfully hits the intended target. 
   The wearer can choose to just fire individual shots or cause sustained damage. The laser has a range increment of 10 feet, and it deals 3d6 points of damage (energy/piercing/heat) per shot, or 3d6+6 damage (energy/piercing/heat) per round if the damage is sustained. It also causes metal s The user can take no other actions while inflicting sustained damage with the helmet laser, and if he or she suffers damage or otherwise is subjected to a condition that can cause distraction, he or she must make a successful Concentration skill check (DC12+damage suffered) or the laser stops working. The character can attempt to reinitialize it the following round.
   To use the helmet laser to maximum efficiency, a character must possess the Exotic Weapon (Helmet Laser) feat. Otherwise, he or she suffers a -4 penalty to the ranged attack roll.

Peacemaker's jetpack is a marvel of miniaturization, and, is once again one of Christopher's unique inventions. It consists of a small backpack and fuel cells capable of producing powered flight for up to 6 hours. A character equipped with a jetpack can hover in place and fly at a maximum speed of 80 feet per round (good maneuverability). The speed is reduced to 40 feet if the user is Encumbered (such as if carrying another person or some heavy object).
   With the flick of a switch, the jetpack can be reset to propel the Peacemaker under water at speeds up on 40 feet per round.

The Peacemaker's helmet and uniform are made from an ultralight, absorbent material invented by Christopher Smith. It feels like cotton when worn, but provides protection from normal bullets fired by handheld firearms, as well as limited protection from explosives and other damage from kinetic energy sources.
   The Pliable Body Armor does not increase a character's Defense Rating, but instead reduces damage from projectiles, explosions, and falls by 3 and converts additional damage (up 20 points) to non-lethal damage. 
   The Pliable Body Armor may be worn under regular clothing or even other types of armor. It is not breathable, however, so characters who wear it for extended periods in extreme temperature conditions will have to make Constitution attribute checks (DC11, with the difficulty increasing by +1 for each check). The character becomes Fatigued after the first failed check, and Exhausted after the second. The character becomes Unconscious after the third failed check.

Identical in shape and size to regular bullets, and compatible with firearms of the appropriate caliber, these turn lethal weapons into non-lethal ones. This special ammunition is the creation of Christopher Smith, and he typically carries at least one firearm or magazine loaded with this type of round so he may disable rather than kill his opponents.
   When a living target is struck by a stun pellet, he or she suffers 1 point of damage, plus an amount of non-lethal damage equal to whatever the standard lethal damage would be (subject to Damage Reduction, if any). If the damage reduced the character to 0 hit points or less, he or she becomes Unconscious. Otherwise, the struck character can take no actions for the rest of the round, other than to fall prone to the ground.

The following feats can be added to the Charismatic Hero and Smart Hero bonus feats lists if they are included in a campaign.

You have mastered the thought-controlled laser in the Peacemaker helmet.
   Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +1
   Benefit: You make ranged attack rolls with the helmet laser normally.
   Normal: Attacks with the helmet laser are made with a -4 penalty.
You don't start fights, but you sure will try to finish them.
    Prerequisites: Charisma 14, Negotiator feat, Diplomacy 4 ranks
    Benefit: When you declare you wish to use this feat, you automatically give up initiative for the encounter, except for the following actions: 
    You must reveal yourself to potential foes, confronting them openly and free of any cover. While facing them head on like this, you must offer your foes a chance to resolve the conflict peacefully. If they choose to not take you up on the offer, you  gain a +4 bonus to hit and damage rolls, and a +2 bonus to DR/AC for the duration of the encounter.. 
    The GM may call for a Bluff or Diplomacy skill check to see if your effort to convince the enemy to resolve matters peacefully  is successful or not. If any of your allies attack the enemy while you are trying to take to them, you automatically fail, and still lose initiative.
    This feat can only be used against creatures with Intelligence of 4 or better.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

The Truth?! Can you handle The Truth?!

Here's a feat for the characters who know the truth is out there, and who can find it in the most unusual places by connecting dots and finding patterns that no one else can connect or see! (The material is released under Open Game License and may be reproduced accordingly... if They will allow it. Copyright 2021 Steve Miller.)

Just because they're not out to get you, doesn't mean they want to keep you from revealing the Truth!
   Benefit: Gain +2 bonus to all Bluff skill checks and Gather Information skill checks. The bonus increases to +6 on Bluff checks made when explaining why your conspiracy theories are true... because you Want To Believe.
   Special: Suffer a -2 penalty to all Sense Motive skill checks. The penalty increases to -6 when you're dealing with another character that also possesses the Conspiracy Theory feat.

Also, while we're providing links, here's an evil for the conspiracy-busting PCs to investigate and stop: THE VEGAN DEATH CONSPIRACY!

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Who's at the door this Halloween?

Bring Halloween to your adventures set in modern times with these random tables!

If the player characters are at home on Halloween, either chilling or having a party, roll on DO TRICK-OR-TREATERS SHOW UP? twice per game hour between 5pm and Midnight.

1-2. Yes. Roll on the table below to see who.
3-4. Yes. Roll twice on the table below, as there are two groups, one behind the other.
5-6. Yes. Roll on the table below to see who. Roll again in 5 minutes.
7-8. Yes. Roll on the table below to see who.
9-12. No. But that means more candy for you tomorrow!

1. 1d12+1 little kids in costumes wanting candy!
2. 1-12+1 kobolds in costumes wanting candy!
3. 1d12+1 zombies sent by an enemy of the PCs, with signs around their necks reading "Happy Halloween"!
4. A vampire wanting blood!
5. A werewolf wanting flesh!
6. A demon wanting souls!
7. Death, here to collect one of the PCs (but will be happy with a couple full-sized Snickers bars)!
8. 1d12+2 robot assassins sent from the future!
9. 1d12+2 risen corpses of enemies (or grunts of enemies) the party have killed who have come seeking revenge.
10. 1d12+2 teenagers (not in costume) wanting candy!
11. 1d12+1 teenagers (in costume) wanting candy!
12. 1d12+12 little kids on costumes wanting candy!