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NUELOW Heroes and Villains: Dumbfounder

Here's another superhero for your gaming pleasure, Dumbfounder. He was originally created by Carter-Ethan Rankin and released into the public domain for every creative soul to play with. In a similar spirit, I am releasing this post under the Open Gaming License, and everything in it except the the characters of Black Bat, Dr. Steelface and Zombots (which are product identity, as defined in the license) is Open Game Content. Copyright 2013 Steve Miller.

Dumbfounder (aka Franklin Stein)
(aka Franklin Stein)
Brawn 28, Body 14, Brains 7
   Traits: Honorable, Super Power (Personal: Super Strength, no extra bonus), Unstoppable
   Combat Maneuvers: Basic Attack, Double Strike, Furious Fists, Signature Move
   Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Massive Club (large melee weapon, deals 5 points of damage).
   Special Character Note: Dumbfounder has the ability to seize control of a Zombot within his line of sight with a successful Brains ATT check. He may use one action each round to direct the creature. The Zombot will follow simple commands on its own until the action is finished, such as "Attack him until dead" or "Break down that door."

Origin Story
Career criminals like Franklin Stein are not known for making good life choices. Franklin made his final bad choice when he returned to the secret lab of his boss, Dr. Steelface, without the enriched wonderinum that Black Bat had prevented him from stealing. He had assumed that Dr. Steelface would give him a couple Zombots and a death-ray gun to go take revenge on the meddler... but instead, Frankin was made the subject of Steelface's latest experiment in the reanimation of dead bodies via soul transfers.
   Steelface's theory was that when properly channeled, the spiritual energy of the human soul could bring a recently dead body back to life, the same was a defibrilator restarts a stopped heart. He was proven right--when he shot the captured soul of a Mormon missionary, who had been unfortunate enough to known on his door last week, Franklin's dead body sprang back to life, even stronger than before.
   But Steelface's experiment worked too well. Instead of the super-Zombot he had hoped for, Frankin rose not as a mindless creature who could be controlled remotely via cybernetic implants and mad science but as a man with a new-found concience and a desire to make the world a better place. He escaped from Steelface's lab (after trashing it and beating Steelface himself within an inch of his life), and he has been traveling the world fighting oppression and thwarting the schemes of mad scientists whereever he finds them. (And he finds them quite often, because, as a former minion of Steelface, he knows where some of their bases are.)
   Franklin took the name Dumbfounder, because heroes and villains alike are dumbfounded when he turns out to be one of the good guys.

Dumbfounder has superhuman strength and increased resistance to injury. He also has the ability to mentally seize control of a single Zombot in his vicinity thanks to the psychic-cybernetic implant that was supposed to make him a puppet of Dr. Steelface.

Enemies and Allies
While anyone who's had their facilities trashed by Dumbfounder is his enemy, Dr., Steelface is particularly devoted. Hewants Dumbfounder captured and brought back to his lab so he can determine what went wrong with his experiment, but if that proves too difficult he is okay with Dumbfounder being brought back dead. He has yet to develop any allies, but continues to wander the world in his one-monster crusade.

You can find more information on Dr. Steelface and Zombots in ROLF!: Mad Scientists Gone Wild.

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