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NUELOW Heroes & Villains: Bikini Blur

Bikini Blur (aka Reiko Nakamura)
ROLF! Game Stats
This (and all write-ups for this series) relies on the basic ROLF! game, but may also use rules found in ROLF!: Something About Superheroes, ROLF!: POTS vs. PANS, and ROLF!: Mad Scientists Gone Wild. (Note: Sharp-eyed gamers may note some minor irregularities in the way the Super Power trait functions in these write-ups. Those are due to anticipated revisions coming with the ROLF!-powered superhero game that is in the works.)

Bikini Blur (aka Reiko Nakamura)
Brawn 14, Body 15, Brains 6
   Traits: Irrepressible Optimist, Nimble, Super Power (Derived from Alien Bikini. Only gained when Item is Worn: Super Speed, Furious Fists combat maneuver, Armor that absorbs up to 5 points of damage from all sources, even those that usually ignore armor. Limitation: The Alien Bikini only operates when it is the only thing Reiko is wearing.).
   Combat Maneuvers: Basic Attack, Dodge, Run Away!, Walking Disaster Area.
   Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Glittering Alien Bikini of Mysterious Origin (Clothes, barely covers nakedness). Taser (Small Melee Weapon, deals 2 points of damage that ignore armor; a gift from her dad).

Origin Story
The mystery woman known as Bikini Blur was just another high school girl from Osaka, fretting about her college exams when a chance encounter with a strange being from an alien planet altered her life forever.
   Reiko Nakamura was coming home from the library late one evening when she was blinded by a flash of light and knocked over by a powerful gust of wind. When her vision cleared, a green-skinned woman stood over her. Orange blood oozed from many deep wounds.
   "I have run as far as I could," the woman said--her voice reverberating in Reiko's very bones, "and I must pass the treasures of my kingdom onto you. Please guard them. Do not let them fall into the hands of the Dark Empress. The future of my race rests with you now."
   With that, light seemed to consume the woman's body, leaving behind only the glistening two-piece bathing suit she had worn. Wondering if she had cracked under the strain of too much studying, Reiko picked up the bikini, slipped it in her book-bag and continued on her way home and to bed.
   When Reiko woke up the next morning, she still thought of last night's events as proof her mind had snapped; but when she looked in her book-bag, the glistening, shimmering bikini was there. Whatever she had witnessed last night, it had really happened!
   Reiko decided to put the bikini on and found that it fit perfectly. As Reiko admired herself and the odd swimwear in the mirror, several hulking, armored men with green skin burst through the wall. "Surrender the treasure, alien female!" one of them bellowed, reaching for Reiko with his massive gauntled hand... but she wasn't there anymore. In fact, she was on a rooftop across the street, looking back at her shattered home in astonishment--she had merely wanted to back away from the horrible figure bearing down on on her, but in doing so somehow managed to leap clear across the street. The strange alien suit didn't exactly give her the ability to fly or teleport, but it let her move so fast that she might as well be able to--she had leapt out of the second floor of her house, run across the street and literally up the wall of the house there until, on the roof, where he thoughts finally caught up with her actions and she realized what was happening.
   Moments later, another group of aliens appeared in the street below. They shouted in a language she could not understand, some pointing at her, some pointing at her, some pointing at the armored beings peering through the hole in the wall to her bedroom. And then, the two groups starting fighting each other.
   Reiko thought it best if she fled the scene... and she's been running ever since. Later reuniting with her father, Chika, who narrowly escaped death as their house was destroyed, the pair now travel Japan and the East, seeking to unlock the secrets of Reiko's bikini, fending off their alien pursuers when they catch up to them and fighting crime and injustice when they encounter it.
   Meanwhile, journalist Taharo Akako is also on their tail. He's the one who named Reiko "Bikini Blur." Reiko wold love to meet him, but her father forbids it; he doesn't want a reporter broadcasting their location to the aliens (and he doesn't want a handsome man making time with his teenage daughter!)

Reiko has no powers of her own. Her abilities all derive from the alien bikini, which remains almost as mysterious to her as when she first put it on. It allows her to move extremely fast, hit opponents harder, and to cause a blurry aura around her that protects her--but since she only recently discovered that function, she and Chika both believe the suit is capable of much more.
   Much to both their chagrin--Chika in particular--the bikini's powers only operate if it is the only thing Reiko is wearing.

Enemies and Allies
Bikini Blur is hunted by the minions of the Dark Empress, and by a faction of uncertain loyalties that is led by the handsome alien Prince Hiromasa. She has also angered the powerful Yakuza boss Raiden, who has placed a bounty on her.
   Bikini Blur has crossed paths with Punk Rock, another young Japanese superheroine, a couple of times. They have become friends and subscribe to each other's Twitter feeds. Her father remains her protector and firmest ally.

Bikini Blur created by Carter-Ethan Rankin. Bikini Blur, Reiko Nakamura, and the displayed image have all been released into the public domain. Everything else in this post is presented under the Open Gaming License, and may be reproduced accordingly, and is Copyright Steve Miller 2013.

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