Saturday, July 6, 2013

Two (2) new releases from NUELOW Games this week!

We've been so busy working on various releases (ROLF!: Revenge of the Nigerian Prince, various hybrid comic book/game products such as new volumes in the Film Fun Comics series, a horror anthology series, and sundry one-shots like John Kerry vs. the Queen of Evil, and the as-of-yet untitled superhero RPG) that we totally forgot to plug this week's releases on our own blog!

First, we released perhaps our strangest book yet -- yes, even stranger than Shadows of Dreams, our poetry collection with RPG magic item write-ups in the back: Black Cat Shows You How To Do Judo Tricks. It's got rules for martial arts in the ROLF! and OpenD6 game systems, a four page comic book story... and more than a dozen judo lessons from the leading lady of our comics line, Black Cat. It's a quirky little product with fabulous art by Lee Elias, and we think it's a great tool for anyone who wants better visualize what their martial arts bad-ass hero is doing when taking down the zombie hoards armed only with is fists of fury! Click here to check out previews or to get your very own copy!

Second, as hinted at in the post featuring ROLF! stats for Edward Snowden, we released a battle scenario inspired by the events this past week in Egypt titled ROLF!: Super Muslim Bros. It began life as a simple one-sheet of battle scenarios that Steve Miller was going to give away for free, but then L.L. Hundal got ahold of it and expanded it to a full product. Events moved so fast that our product was outdated the day after we released it, but the sentiments expressed in it still stands: NUELOW Games is officially glad to see the two-faced, lying bastards of the Muslim Brotherhood thrown out of power. We extend our support to freedom-loving Egyptians, and we hope that this time their revolution will bear fruit fit for human consumption. Click here to check out ROLF!: Super Muslim Bros. (And get ready for ROLF!: Revenge of the Nigerian Prince!)

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