Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Princess Pantha ala ROLF!

NUELOW will soon be releasing the first in a series of books featuring Princess Pantha, a "jungle girl" action/adventure series by Ralph Mayo and Art Saaf, the main artists behind Judy of the Jungle.

Meet Princess Pantha and her boyfriend Dean Hunter.

Art by Alex Schomburg
Princess Pantha was an animal trainer and star circus attraction who was challenged by her agent to go on an African safari to capture the legendary giant ape M'Gana. When she vanished in the deep jungle, travel writer and adventurer Dane Hunter was hired to rescue her, or, at worst, learn her fate.

When Dane caught up with Pantha, she had been surviving on her own in the jungle for months, after a cult that worshiped M'Gana had murdered everyone else in her party. She had shed her western clothes in favor of a fur bikini. Over Dane's objections continued to hunt and capture M'Gana, so he joined her since it was the only way he would be able to "rescue" her.

Pantha eventually returned to circus performing, but she continued to don her fur bikini and go on adventures in jungles around the world. Dane joined her on most of them.

Real Name: Dane Hunter
Brawn 29, Body 18, Brains 7
  Traits: Egomaniac, Improv Master
  Combat Maneuvers: Basic Attack, Debate Philosophy, Disarm, Dodge, Murderous Mitts, Run Away!, Withering Insult
   Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Pistol (Small Ranged Weapon, deals 2 points of damage that ignore armor).

Real Name: Esti Pantera
Brawn 30, Body 17, Brains 6
  Traits: Hard to Kill, Improv Master, Nimble
  Combat Maneuvers: Backflip, Basic Attack, Dodge, Double Strike, Signature Move, Strike Pose
  Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Fur Bikini (barely covers nakedness), Knife (small melee weapon, deals 1 point of damage).

Look for Princess Pantha: The Hunt for M'Gana -- coming soon from NUELOW Games!

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