Sunday, May 20, 2018

Who Killed the Dealer?

To a few, she was Lady Luck personified. To most, she was merely the one who dealt the cards and took their chips. Now she's dead.

Melissa Blacktongue has been murdered, and the players in your game can solve the mystery surrounding her death. The basics of the case can be generated by rolling 1d12 against the tables below, and you can develop them into an adventure for your campaign.

1. In the Pit Boss's Office.
2. At the Back of the Cash Cage.
3. In the Casino's Vault.
4. On the Casino's Loading Dock.
5. In the High Roller Suite at the Casino's Hotel.
6. In the High Roller Suite at a Rival Casino's Hotel.
7. In the Casino Hotel's Swimming Pool.
8. On the Ancient Indian Burial Ground.
9. In Her Living Room.
10. On a Remote Desert Highway.
11. Behind the Strip Club.
12. In the VIP Lounge at the Strip Club.

1. Strangled.
2. Stabbed 1d12 times.
3. Shot 1d6 times.
4. Skull crushed by 1d6 blows.
5. Beaten to death with 1-5. a baseball bat, 6-10. a hammer, 11-12, bare hands.
6. Poisoned.
7. Drug Overdose.
8. Sulphuric Acid Poured Down Throat.
9. Slender Spoke Driven Through the Left Ear and Into Her Brain.
10. Electrocuted.
11. Throat Slit.
12. Roll two more times on this table, re-rolling any results of 12. She was killed by a combination of the indicated methods.

1. The Pit Boss.
2. The Degenerate Gambler.
3. The Illusionist.
4. The Exotic Dancer.
5. The Prostitute. (1-6. Male, 7-12. Female)
6. The Gangster.
7. The Con Artist
8. The Drug Dealer.
9. The Thief
10. The Private Detective.
11. Her Ex-Lover. (1-9. Male, 10-12. Female)
12. Her Current Lover (1-9. Male, 10-12. Female)

1. Hatred.
2. Lust.
3. Greed.
4. Revenge.
5. The murderer thought she was having an affair with his/her spouse. (Roll two more time on the  WHO KILLED HER table to see who the spouse is. If the same result comes up again, they share professions/descriptors but there are still two people. If the spouse result is rolled twice, the Dealer was having an affair... if it doesn't, she was not cheating with the spouse.)
6. She tried to blackmail the murderer because he was having an affair. (Roll again on the WHO KILLED HER table to determine who he/she was having the affair with. If the murderer is rolled again, ignore and re-roll.
7. She discovered the killer was planning to rob the casino. (Roll three more times on the WHO KILLED HER table to determine who else was in on the plot. Do no re-roll duplicate results.)
8. She shared a plan to rob the casino with the killer, who killed her and took it.
9. She discovered the casino's game's are rigged.
10. To stop her from revealing the killer's dark secret. (Roll on the WHAT IS THE DARK SECRET table to determine what it is.)
11. She was the illegitimate child of a billionaire who left her a sizable protion of his fortune. The killer is also an heir, and he/she would get the her portion if she can't be located by the estate alive.
12. As above, except the killer frames the Private Detective for the murder. (He had identified the dealer as their heir but had not had a chance to notify the estate or make contact with her yet.)

1-2. The killer is about to complete a ritual that will reanimate 1d12+12 of the dead in the ancient indian burial groud and cause them to attack the living. (Use wight statistics, or whatever other undead creature is suitable in your game system.)
3-6. The killer is looting a cave of Spanish gold and other artifacts that belong to the Native American tribe on the reservation.
7-10. The killer is a corrupt federal agent who has been helping the mob rig the casino games and steal winnings.
11-12. The killer raped and murdered the dealer's sister.

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