Monday, July 28, 2014

Ace and Foggy ala d6xd6 CORE

There's a Kickstarter for a very cool game with some very generous rewards for backers in its final few days. It's Lester Smith's d6xd6 CORE Roleplaying Game. It's a slick, rules-light multi-genre system that I think will take a place among your favorites once you play it.

As of this writing, the funding level is such that the book will be published in electronic and hard-copy formats and it will include the core game and 12 different settings written by (among others) Douglas Niles, Bruce Heard, Timothy Brown, Matt Forbeck, and Lester Smith himself. For me, one of the main attractions is the World of Dragon Dice as an RPG setting.

Additional backers can bring additional settings to the book, however. If an additional $12,000 gets raised over the next five days, I will get to contribute a setting, as Im in the wings as a Stretch Goal. Click here to read more about the d6xd6 CORE RPG Kickstarter and where it presently stands.

Lester Smith has posted a preview of the d6xd6 CORE system here. NUELOW Games published the first supplement to the game (even before it was officially published, which won't happen until December 2014) in Judy of the Jungle: Murder Goes Native, because that's just how excited we are about it.

Here on the NUELOW blog, I also wrote up the Black Cat and Zaza the Mystic using d6xd6 CORE by way of further previewing the system. Now, here's news photographer Ace Williams and his assistant Foggy (stars of the upcoming NUELOW book Newshounds #1) to the d6xd6 CORE character line-up. I've also included a new occupation and a couple new skills.

Ace Williams and Jessica "Foggy" Gibbons. Art by Matt Baker.
ACE WILLIAMS ("The Ace of the Newsreels")
Globetrotting news photographer who always gets to the truth and brings home the shot.
Real Name: Ace Williams • Gender: Male • Age: 31
   Focused: Will
   Unfocused: Brawn, Wits
   Unknown: Grace
Occupation: Reporter (Photojournalist)
Focused Skills: Photography (Occupation Bonus), Navigation, Persuasion, Sneaking, Tracking
Unfocused Skills: Athletics, Bargain, Writing
Focus Rating: 5

Former Olympic athlete turned Girl Friday.
Real Name: Jessica Frances Gibbons • Gender: Female • Age: 26
   Focused: Grace
   Unfocused: Brawn, Will
   Unknown: Wits
Occupation: Servant (Girl Friday)
Focused Skills: Bargain (Occupation Bonus), Driving, Swimming
Unfocused Skills: Athletics, Photography, Writing
Focus Rating: 3

   Reporter: You are dedicated to bringing the truth to the public, whether those in power (or even the public) want it or not. Alternatively, you are bring the world news about the lighter side of life, such as covering high society functions, reporting on the latest plays or movies in theaters, and so on. You could be on-staff with a newspaper, television station, or major online news website, or you could be a roving freelancer, covering whatever stories you feel are important. Bonus skills for this occupation can be Photography, Sneaking, Tracking, and Writing.

   Photography: You can capture the mood and reality of a moment with a click of your camera... or you can create the reality of a moment by properly framing an image. You can also make the ugliest baby look cute, and most disastrous wedding look romantic. (Artisans and Reporters might select this as their Occupation bonus skill.)
   Writing: While a picture may be worth a thousand words, the right words can change the world. You are skilled at choosing those words and putting them in fixed form.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Zaza the Mystic ala d6xd6 CORE

One of the characters that we have tapped for the NUELOW Games comics/rpg hybrid treatment is Zaza the Mystic. We haven't quite scheduled her yet, but we will be making the decision as to when one of these days. We find her interesting, because she has all the skills of a con-artist spiritualist, but she uses her "powers for good" by busting phony mystics and exposing other crimes.

While we decide how and when to present some of her best adventures, here she is as seen through the lense of Lester Smith's d6xd6 CORE RPG.

Name: Zaza the Mystic (Zaza Kamlo) • Gender: Female • Age: 27
Attributes   Focused: Wits
   Unfocused: Grace, Will
   Unknown: Brawn
Occupation: Performer (Fortune Teller/Con Artist)
Focused Skills: Persuasion (Occupation Bonus), Pickpocketing, Sneaking, Swimming
Unfocused Skills: BargainFirst Aid, Lockpicking
Focus Rating: 4

Steve Miller is slated to write one of the stretch-goal expansions if it reaches high enough of a funding level. (He comes into play at the $18K funding level... and we're hoping that Lester will be able to put him to work. We're tired of watching him with his feet up, watching episodes of the 1960s Batman show on DVD.)

Click here to read more about the d6xd6 CORE RPG Kickstarter. You can pledge as little as $1 to get a PDF copy of the game and four settings. All the rewards past the $25 pledge level are insanely generous if you want our opinion. (But seriously... we need this one to get to the $18K. We are sick and tired of hearing  Steve sing NANANANANANANANANA--BATMAN! offkey every 25 minutes of so.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A new comics/rpg hybrid for 'new comics day'!

Comic readers all across the land know that Wednesday is tthe day new comics arrive at the store. Well, we actually got our act together here at NUELOW Games, and we've released a new comic book on New Comics Day!

Feary Tales is our latest addition to our line-up of comics/rpg hybrid books. It contains six short horror stories, all twisted adaptations of fairy tales, and most of them from the brilliant mind of Steve Ditko (in his pre-Marvel Comics days).

For RPG gamers, it presents an all-new race of monsters--the Faery Ghouls. They can be dropped into pretty much any d20 System game you like, although, like most NUELOW OLG material, they are designed foremost for OGL Modern. The book also contains Tom Thumb is lost, a single-player mini-game.

Feary Tales is available at all the usual outlets. You can click here to see previews, or to get your own copy. It is presently on sale for 25 percent off the usual price, as part of the ongoing Christmas in July celebration! (The discounted price is good until August 1.)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The 'official' OGL d20 Feather Charms is now out

Regular readers of the blog have already seen the content of this product, but if you would like a copy of it nicely typeset and illustrated, you can download OGL d20: Feather Charms from for next to nothing.

For more Native American-inspired OGL d20 material, you can also check out Warrior Maiden Starlight. The book features the complete "Starlight" series by Ann Adams and Ralph Mayo, collected in one book for the first time, as well as notes and rules for running a d20 System game drawing inspiration from pre-European contact Native American civilizations.

Monday, July 21, 2014

It's Christmas in July!

It's the annual celebration of the halfway point between last Christmas and the next Christmas at the various websites that carry NUELOW Games releases! As in past years, our entire selection of titles is 25 percent off! Take a look! Find a new favorite!

The sale runs this whole week!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Black Cat ala d6xd6 CORE

A new love here at NUELOW Games HQ is Lester Smith's d6xd6 CORE RPG. This slick, infinitely pliable game system may well become a regular element of our comics projects going forward, appearing along-side ROLF! and d20 OGL Modern.

I'm also hoping that the current Kickstarter to fund the Popcorn Press release of the game picks up some steam, because I'm is slated to present the superhero setting that's been coming together in our books over the past year using the d6xd6 CORE system. That's assuming the project reaches a funding level of $17,500, as my contribution is part of the Pulp Adventure bonus pack that gets added to the line-up at that point.

Meanwhile, and in the hopes of inspiring you to go take a look at the Kickstarter and maybe contribute--every reward for the pledge level beyond $24 is very, very cool in my opinion. And well worth the money--is NUELOW Games' favorite woman of mystery, Black Cat, presented via dt6xd6 CORE.


Name: Black Cat (Linda Turner) • Gender: Female • Age: 23
  Focused: Grace
  Unfocused: Brawn, Wits
  Unknown: Will
Occupation: Performer (Actress)
Focused Skills: Athletics (Occupation Bonus), Martial Arts, Motorcycle, Persuasion, Ride Animal, Sneaking, Swimming
Unfocused Skills: Lock Picking, Throwing, Tracking
Focus Rating: 7

The book and a total of 12 settings have already funded, so you really can't lose even if you contribute just $1, as it will get your the core book and four settings. The rewards for supporters in this Kickstarter are all extremely generous! There are two weeks left on the Kickstarter window. Won't you help get it to $17.5K, so Black Cat can offically join the d6xd6 Core line-up of characters?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Get the Complete NUELOW 'Judy of the Jungle'

One of the more popular offerings from NUELOW Games has been our "Judy of the Jungle" series. It presents the best stories of a girl who, after being raised by her misanthropic father to feel more kinship with nature and animals than other humans, becomes a self-appointed guardian of justice in the wilds of Africa.

Along side the reprints of classic pulp adventure comics illustrated by Ralph Mayo, the Judy series offers OGL d20-compatible and d6xd6 CORE roleplaying game rules for use in creating your own jungle adventures with your game group. The books also feature Judy of the Jungle short stories, and the classic landmark comic book tales from Matt Baker "Voodah" and "South Sea Girl," which star rare non-white jungle heroes.

Art by Alex Schomburg
We have recently released the third and final volume in the series -- Judy of the Jungle: Murder Goes Native. It's getting good reviews, and fans are picking it up... but to make life easy for those who have come late to the party, we are offering it and the other Judy books in a one-stop download as The Complete NUELOW Judy of the Jungle bundle.

In addition to the three Judy of the Jungle books -- Judy of the Jungle: The Lords of Memnon, Judy of the Jungle: Warriors of the Laughing Hyena, and Judy of the Jungle: Murder Goes Native -- the bundle contains The Revenge of Santos: A ROLF! Christmas Special, the product that introduce Judy to the NUELOW audience.

Art by Alex Schomburg

If you're a newcomer to the adventures of Judy, the bundle has everything... and if you've been with us since the beginning, I really encourage you to grab a copy of Murder Goes Native, as not only does it contain some of the best work of the legendary Matt Baker, but it's a good introduction to the d6xd6 CORE Roleplaying Game. (And it also has some systemless adventure generating tools that are useful for any RPG set in a pulp fiction jungle environment.)