Monday, February 22, 2016

d20 System Racial Templates

In this day and age when diversity (especially racial diversity) is to be encouraged and celebrated everywhere and anywhere and in all things, it's highly inappropriate for Humans to just be Humans in d20 System games.

To solve that problem, NUELOW Games proudly presents Human Racial Templates, as designed by L.L. Hundal. We are presenting these rules under the Open Game License, and we expect every right-minded gaming group to implement them immediately and make your d20 System games more reflective of the reality that is the modern gaming community. (The Racial Templates rules are Copyright 2016 by Steve Miller).

During character generation, a player must assign a race to any Human character he or she creates and apply the appropriate racial template. The player can apply the template and modifications at any point during the character generation process.
   A character's race can also be randomly deterined by rolling 1d6.

    Race           Modifications
1. Arab           +2 Constitution, -2 to all Will saves
2. Asian          +2 Intelligence, -2 to all Fort saves
3. Black          +2 Strength, -1 Wisdom
4. Hispanic     +1 Dexterity, +1 to all Hide skill checks
5. Jewish        +1 Wisdom, +1 to all Bluff skill checks
6. White         +2 Charisma, -1 Dexterity

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  1. So racist, I noticed that there is no template for Native American, my people. So I made one for you. Native American +2 to Spot checks, -2 to poison.
    You're Welcome.

  2. Diversity is racism? How do you figure?

    But thanks for stopping by and posting! That was a nice effort on the Native American template, but it's underpowered compared to the other ones. Maybe the Asian template should apply to Native Americans, too? (Or go all in for the stereotype... Wisdom +2, Fort save -2?)

  3. It was a joke. I was remarking on forgetting Native Americans. I know there isn't a whole lot of us around. And as for the underpoweredness add 1+ to wisdom and +1 Strength. A combo native warrior/shaman.

    1. Given the whole post is a joke, I figured you were responding in kind. (I'd be worried if someone was taking anything in it seriously.)

      On a serious note, I think Native Americans didn't cross Hundal's mind when bringing diversity to the d20 System, not because she forgot about Native Americans, but because she designed material in "Warrior Maiden Starlight," "Feather Charms," and the material that ultimately will be included in some as-of-yet untitled product.

    2. I was kinda surprised you didn't ask about the spot check bonus. I had a quip about "ask Custer, oh you can't because he's dead." And some people don't have a sense of humor and might think the whole conversation is racist. I thought initially about saying add +1 to all traits because Natives are so awesome.

    3. I wasn't quite enough in tune with the jokes, because they weren't mine to begin with. However, I agree Native Americans are awesome, which is why they've been the focus of several NUELOW releases. (There'd be more, if we could find material I felt was of high enough quality to repackage or otherwise produce.)