Friday, June 28, 2013

'You're rightly named, Lady Satan!"

The latest release from NUELOW Games brings you tales of two masked women who are likely to put you in a bodybag if you're less than a perfect gentleman on the first date.

Lady Satan features six tales of action from the Golden Age of Comics, in which Lady Satan takes out Nazis in occupied France during World War 2, and the Veiled Avenger whips criminals into shape back in the U.S.A. The book also contains brief text pieces discussing the featured comics, and ROLF! statistics and a battle scenario so you can have Lady Satan and the Veiled Avenger fight each other or take on the nefarious Viscount Todschenkt. Like previous NUELOW Games comics collections, Lady Satan is presented in presented in black-and-white--as is only fitting for tales of femme fatales of the 1940s.

History buffs may be interested in knowing that Lady Satan was an early creation of George Tuska, who would go on to help establish Luke Cage, the first black superhero to carry his own title, as well as celebrated runs on Iron Man for Marvel Comics and World's Finest Comics Starring Superman and Batman for DC Comics. Additionally, the four Veiled Avenger tales in the book are the entirety of her published adventures. (There are other Lady Satan stories, but they were not done by Tuska and are quite different in nature than the two featured in this book. Click here to see previews of Lady Satan and download your own copy.

And, as a preview of things to come, here's a sample of what future Lady Satan adventures will entail, as we  bring them to you in the horror anthology Werewolf Hunter:


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