Friday, August 19, 2011

Discount price on "The Deadly Sword of Cormac" extended!

Cover art from "The Deadly Sword of Cormac," by Larry Elmore & Karl M.
It was a slow week for NUELOW Games at (what with the site being FUBAR for much of it) but our second fiction anthology did well enough to knock "ROLF!" from its long-held #1 spot on our top-sellers list.

Robert E. Howard completed two Cormac FitzGeoffrey stories, and this budget-priced e-book collects both in once place. Get your copy for 33% off and bring more sword-swinging action from the creator of Conan into your life!

If you're a big fan of Howard--like everyone here at NUELOW Central is--you also don't miss our first anthology, "From Dark Corners," which features three of his chilling horror stories. Click here to read more, and perhaps even get a copy of your own.

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