Thursday, July 7, 2011

The return of Modern Advances!

Back when I made products for ID Adventures, I did a fun little series called "Modern Advances." It provided quirky advanced classes for OGL Modern games.

Now, with NUELOW Games coming back to life, I'm also reviving Modern Advances! I'm hoping there are still players out there, because d20 Modern was a fine game, and the Modern Advances line makes it even finer!

First up... "The Hardcore Activist and the Masked Avenger." (With a design and cover art by yours truly, Steve Miller.)

Check it out by clicking here! It's a revised version of a couple of ID Adventures releases, but I'm hoping that MA will be popular enough to warrant the design and release of NEW entries as well.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Steve!

    If you're at all able to bring back the Garden Mage and Fugitive advanced classes, that'd be great! I'm also interested in your supplements Mind Over Matter, Mind Expansions, and Divine Forces: Benten. I've really been getting into this lineup of yours since I first saw it back in 2011 and am always looking for whatever new (and "new") titles you have to offer for the d20 Modern system.

    Thanks for your time, and best of luck to you!