Thursday, September 29, 2011

September best-sellers for NUELOW Games

Here are the top sellers for NUELOW Games for the month of September. If you haven't checked any of these out, maybe you should. October is Play a New RPG Month, and we're offering a collection of ROLF! products for 45% off the already low normal price to help you do just that!

Best-selling NUELOW Games titles for September 2011

Click on the titles for a detailed description of each product, as well as a preview.

#1: Dyvil: First Edition (Jeff Grubb's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game) [core game]

#2: Steve Miller's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game (SM-30) [core game]

#3: ROLF!: Supermodel Slapfest [supplement]

#4: ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters [core game]

#5: ROLF!: Cap'n Jack on the Isle of Pirate's Doom [supplement]

#6: ROLF!: Herbert West vs. the Zombies [supplement]

#7: Names in the Black Book: Three Nightmarish Mysteries [fiction anthology]

#8: ROLF!: Icing Oetzi [supplment]

#9: ROLF!: Hammerin' Tongs [supplement]

#10: Modern Advances: Ghostmaster [d20 System supplement]

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

'Names in the Black Book' reviewed!

With the approach of Halloween, a young man's fancy turns to horror.

And on that note, I want to call you attention to a review that Jonny Metro of the Midnite Media blog posted of NUELOW Games' Names In The Black Book: Three Nightmarish Mysteries by Robert E. Howard.

If you haven't checked out this collection of classic horror mysteries, there's no time like the present--as the nights get darker and... things start appearing in the shadows.

"Names in the Black Book" can be purchased at for just $1.75.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

October is 'Play a New RPG Month'!

The good folks at the Dice of Doom podcast have declared October to be Play a New RPG Month.

We here at NUELOW Games wholeheartedly support this idea, and I'll be suggesting to my Thursday group that maybe we try mixing things up a big, just for October.

In addition to embracing Play a New RPG Month on a personal level, I'm taking it up one step and offering a Play a New RPG Month discount bundle of ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game products.

You can make ROLF! your new RPG (RPG can stand for "roleplaying game" as easily as "rollplaying game" can it not?)

So, if you haven't tried ROLF!, now's your chance. You can get the basic game plus four of the follow-on releases with one easy purchase... and save 45% off the regular price. Get your Play A New RPG Package now by clicking here!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Now available: Modern Advances - Ghostmaster

This week, NUELOW Games returns to our OGL Modern/d20 System series Modern Advances with "The Ghostmaster."

Inspired by films like The Frighteners and classic television series like Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) and Ghost Whisperer, "Modern Advances: Ghostmaster" provides a different take on ghosts for Modern OGL games. This release features:

- The Ghostmaster advanced class.
- Three new feats, including Ghost Companion.
- The first of NUELOW Games' Terror Templates, which will rework classic creatures in ways that fit better with modern and futuristic settings.
- A fully detailed NPC -- celebrity Ghostmaster Marion K. Bassett.

Modern Advances: Ghostmaster is compatible with the leading d20-based OGL game systems. Click here to get your copy for only $3.00.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Avast, shipmate! There be ninjas covetin' yer booty!

NUELOW Games celebrates International Talk Like a Pirate Day with the 10th release for ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters game. Featuring three different Captain Jacks, pirates, ninja, and new combat maneuvers and spellings, it's a treasure trove that Blackbeard himself might set sail to loot!

For more information and to get your copy for just $0.75, click here.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coming Sept. 19: Cap'n Jack on the Isle of Pirate's Doom

We're putting the finishing touches on ROLF!: Cap'n Jack on the Isle of Pirate's Doom, a trifle we're releasing tomorrow in celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

It features game stats for three Captain Jacks, Helen Tavrel (extra pirate geek points if you can identify who she is and why she belongs), pirates (Caribbean, Somali, and Copyright), ninjas, and The Mustache, the mysterious Manchurian Ninja Master who has brought them all to the Isle of Pirate's Doom for battles to the death! There's also new Combat Maneuvers and Spellings.

While we work to get the product release-ready, here are some videos for the music to play Cap'n Jack on the Isle of Pirate's Doom by.

Alphaville: Dance With Me (Official Theme for Cap'n Jack on the Isle of Pirate's Doom & ROLF AT SEA)

Alestorm: Keelhauled

Captain Jack: Another One Bites the Dust

Captain Jack: Iko-Iko (original version)

Da Jugglin' Fool: Why is the Rum Gone (Remix)

Lonely Island with Michael Bolton: Captain Jack Sparrow

Mike Oldfield: The Blue Peter Theme

Mike Oldfield: The William Tell Overture (Official Theme for ROLF!)

Nice Peter: Jack Sparrow's Rap

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New ROLF! Combat Scenario now available

The latest supplement for "ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters" is epic! Well, epic by ROLF! standards. Click here to get your copy from RPGNow for just $1, or read on to be convinced you want a copy of Supermodel Slapfest!

Six supermodels are trapped in a building with a whiny fashion designer and a hunky handyman... and a murderer out to get them all! Sounds like the teaser summary for a slasher film, but it's actually the subject of the latest supplement for ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters.

Dangerously close to being a real adventure (as opposed to the usual stuff where characters meet, characters kick each other into oblivion), this 10-page product features new Combat Maneuvers, new Stuff (both Armor and Weapons), eight pre-generated player characters, as well as the maniac who is trying to kill them. Well, who probably will kill them if the egomaniacal supermodels don't kill each other first.

As an added feature, there's a system for secretly making one of the "victims" the killer--just like in the slasher flicks where there has to be a "Big Reveal"--and no one knows who the murderer is until the time is right.

"ROLF: Supermodel Slapfest" is avaiable for just $1! Get yours today!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Join NUELOW Games on Twitter!

I tried this Twitter thing once before and gave up... I just didn't get it. I'm not sure if I get it now either, but I'm taking another crack at it!

Please follow NUELOW Games on Twitter: @NUELOWGames

Monday, September 12, 2011

'Mr. Sparkles, A Tale of the Asura' by Jeff Grubb

Jeff Grubb, the designer of "Dyvil: First Edition", is presently one of the lead creative talents responsible for breathing life into the world of the Guild Wars MMO for ArenaNet. He has just posted a short story on the GW Blog. Check it out!

Mr. Sparkles, A Tale of the Asura – ArenaNet Blog

And if you haven't already, I invite you to check out Jeff's "Dyvil" game from NUELOW.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some art created for "Supermodel Slapfest!"

Although it's hit some developmental bumps, the next ROLF! supplement is still in the works.

"Supermodel Slapfest!: A ROLF! Triumph of Style Over Substance" will be hitting the web Tuesday or Wednesday... although this slide in the schedule may mean that "ROLF AT SEA!" may be not out in time for International Speak Like a Pirate Day. Which is a real bummer to me.

Anyhow, there are some of the character portraits that have been created for "Supermodel Slapfest." The Combat Scenario itself will revolve around six supermodels locked in a building with a masked killer who is stalking and picking them off. Of course, the supermodels can also take the opportunity to kill hated rivals and blame it on the insane butcher.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coming this week from NUELOW Games

We're re-releasing "Dyvil: Jeff Grubb's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game", in anticipation of "Dyvil: Revised and Expanded" in the month of October. Look for it Thursday.

Also, if there's anyone out there who would like to add a mini-RPG they've designed to the NUELOW Games line up, send a message to Steve Miller, and we'll see if we're right for each other!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Now available: Steve Miller's 30-Minute RPG!

Written as an experiment is creating a complete RPG in the shortest period of time, this little game turned out to be both fun, easy to learn, and even easier to play.

First published by ID Adventures, it is now available again through NUELOW Games. And you can have a copy for a mere $1.25 by clicking here. It's got everything a core RPG rulebook must have: Character generation rules, combat system, player rewards system, a GM-only section including monsters, and an illo of a scantily clad babe!

Steve Miller's 30-Minute Roleplaying Game: The Best RPG Designed in Less Than an Hour!