Monday, November 14, 2011

And now... 'ROLF!: Playwrights and Piledrivers'

It's the battle to settle, once and for all, who gets to claim credit for the Complete Works of William Shakespear! In this corner: Sir Francis Bacon and the Earl of Oxford. In that corner, William Shakespeare and Macho Man Randy Savage!

Return to the world of "Houseboat on the River Styx", as "ROLF!: Playwrights and Piledrivers" pits Elizabethan poets versus Macho Man Randy Savage in a product only slightly less silly than the plot of Roland Emmerich's "Anonymous."

With new Combat Maneuvers, six pre-generated characters (including the Earl of Oxford and Macho Man Randy Savage), and fiction written by Steve Miller (or possibly Sir Francis Bacon... we may never know the truth, but it is a fact that Everything Is Better With Bacon), it's literary conspiracy theory as only NUELOW Games can do!

Click here to get your copy for only $0.50!

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