Thursday, November 24, 2011

Big NUELOW Games sale through 11/28!

NUELOW Games Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is in force. All products that usually cost $1.75 or more are now just $1.50 through Monday!

That means that , for example, you could get both of our best-selling Steve Costigan anthologies (featuring stories by Robert E. Howard and including the "Violent Worlds of Robert E. Howard" roleplaying) AND "Hammerin' Tongs: A ROLF! Tribute to Robert E. Howard) for less than it would normally cost to just buy Fists of Foolishness.

Or you could get all "A Houseboat on the River Styx"-related products (Houseboat on the River Styx, "ROLF!: The Associated Shades of Hades" and "ROLF!: Playwrights and Piledrivers" for just a smidge more than the "Houseboat" anthology usually costs.

Or... or... or...

Check us out! If you've been thinking about it, now is the time to get one or more of our PDF fiction anthologies or OGL Modern products.

Click here for a listing of all our fiction anthologies. (Note: Fists of Foolishness contains "The Violent Worlds of Robert E. Howard" RPG.)

Click here for a listing of all our OGL Modern products.

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