Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steve Costigan battles again on 11/16/2011!

Last month, NUELOW Games released "Fists of Foolishness", a collection of ten humorous short stories by Robert E. Howard detailing the misadventures of sea-faring boxing champ Steve Costigan.

This Wednesday, Costigan sails again, taking the fight to gangsters, Chinese warlords, Mexican bandits, con artists, and any and all boxers who face him in the ring in "Shanghaied Mitts."

Featuring 11 action-packed tales of outrageous adventures that take Costigan from the wilds of Texas to the interior of China, and a handful for battle scenarios designed for use with The Violent Worlds of Robert E. Howard game, this book is a must-have if you enjoyed Volume One.

Keep watching this space for news as to when the book will be on sale at the NUELOW Games store at Meanwhile, here's a look at the cover illustration for "Shanghaied Mitts."

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  1. One draw back to being essentially a one-man operation is that little things can throw schedules off.

    For example, an eye infection has all made it impossible for me to see clearly--and it got really bad, really fast--so "Shanghaied Mitts" is not completely through the type-setting and editing process. Hopefully, I'll have it done tomorrow.