Sunday, January 29, 2012

A New Character Trait and Pre-Generated Character for ROLF!

Here's a ROLF! freebie for use when making characters for your games.


God: The player may re-roll a number of failed ATT checks for this character per battle equal to his or her intelligence. The player may force other players to re-roll one ATT check per character they control for each battle. The character with this trait always takes 2 points less damage, no matter what the source (minimum 0 points).


The Angel of Death, aka the Grim Reaper (Male?)
Brawn 38, Body 10, Brains 6
Traits: Dour, God
Combat Maneuvers: Basic Attack, Double Strike, Signature Move, Spelling (Bad Touch, Die Die Die!, You'll Only Hurt Yourself).
Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Black Hooded Robe (Armor; absorbs 5 points of damage), Scythe (Large Melee Weapon; deals 5 points of damage).

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