Sunday, January 8, 2012

Submitted from the mysterious Land of Mormons....

There has been much talk about Mormons and Magic Underwear in some circles because the at-this-moment front-runner to be the Republican nominee for this year's presidential election in the United States, Mitt Romney, is a Mormon. While any reasonable person might curl their lip slightly at such bigotry masquerading as humor, L.L. Hundal--resident of Utah for the past quarter century--instead created a magic item for use in any d20 System-based game. (Who knows? Maybe she'll follow up with a Mormon Missionary advanced class for the Modern Advances line!)

Mormon Magic Underwear
Wearer gains +1 bonus to Fortitude and Willpower saving throws to resist attacks from Evil creatures and spells. Characters who possess the Mormon trait gain a +2 stackable Defense bonus against all physical attacks, and the Fortitude and Willpower saving throw bonus is increased to +3.

Mormons are here, Mormons are there, feeling great, in their magic underwear!

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