Friday, March 2, 2012

ROLF!: The Final Battle (#2)

Although an attack by gremlins delayed the release of the latest ROLF! supplement, we still got it out before the predicted End of the World.

Our second "Final Battle" product is the gloriously silly "George Washington Carver and the Nuts of Doom." Featuring stats for the scientific genius in the title, former United States President Jimmy Carter, three obscure Golden Age comic book characters, the Swedish Bikini Team, and Peanut Brutes--the unholy by-products of peanut-based science perverted for evil purposes--this product may well be the last thing NUELOW Games ever publishes. The world may end tomorrow for all we know, because the inferior modern researchers can't quite figure out how to read the calendar left by ancient peoples who sacrificed their neighbors in bloody rituals and never discovered the wheel.

So, click here to get your copy of this historic game product for just $0.50. While there's still some history left!

And look for another Final Battle at the end of March... if we make it far!

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