Thursday, March 15, 2012

ROLF!: Lady Gaga vs. the Banshee

With Saint Patrick Day fast approaching, we present a Battle Scenario that pits Lady Gaga against that most famous of Irish monsters--the Banshee.

A ROLF! Battle Scenario for Two Gamers

Lady Gaga has decided that she must master the art of singing like banshee. So, she has gone to a ruined castle on an isolated, windswept Irish moor to confront the Banshee who dwells there and force her to reveal the secret of mastering the Banshee Wail.


LADY GAGA (Female)
Brawn: 20 (+1 Hat Bonus included), Body: 17, Brains: 7.
Traits: Nimble, Same Sex Preference, Too Sexy for My Shirt
Combat Maneuvers: Basic Attack, Dance Move, Furious Fists, The Look, Strike Pose, Seduce, Yodel.
Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Bizarre, Sexy Outfits (Clothes), Thigh-high Boots (Armor OR Leggings, Absorbs 1 point of damage.), Weird Hat (+1 Brawn Bonus, different-looking hat each battle).

Lady Gaga

Brawn 13; Body 14; Brains 5
Traits: Dead, Nimble
Combat Maneuvers: Basic Attack, Banshee Wail, Seduce, Spelling (Bad Touch, Die Die Die!)
Special Note: The Banshee can use her Banshee Wail combat maneuver to cause the following effects once per Battle each: A. All characters in the fight (except the Banshee) must make a successful Brawn ATT check or have their current Brawn total reduced by half; Brawn lost in this way is NOT restored between Scenarios. B. She can fill all characters in the fight (except the Banshee) with a sorrow so great they decide to kill themselves. The characters turn their weapons on themselves keep attacking themselves until they make a successful Brains check.

The Banshee

Nothing fancy here... Lady Gaga and the Banshee fight until one of them is defeated. If the Banshee loses, Lady Gaga learns the Bashee Wail... and she will, quite literally, knock her fans dead with her next single.

Lady Gaga vs. the Banshee is a work of fiction. Any similarity to real people, living or dead, without satirical purpose is purely coincidental.
Text Copyright 2011 NUELOW Games, but you can always copy the text to make a print out for personal use if you like. Or you can just play it on your nifty iPad thingie.

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