Monday, April 30, 2012

Viktor & Rolf... preferred fashion designers of NUELOW Games

It seems like any fashion design team with a guy named ROLF as a member wold be a shoe-in as the preferred source of over-priced clothes for employees of NUELOW Games. But it was the fashion masterpiece that is the Top Belt Jumpsuit that made us honor them with that highly sought-after endorsement.

I would make that outfit the required uniform for both men and women here at NUELOW HQ, but L.L. Hundal owns a gun, Karl M. regularly carries a knife, and my lawyer, David Cox of Pleasant, Vice & Cox, tells me I'd actually have to start paying them in more than no-brand corn chips and diet sodas if I'm going to ask them to wear $1,400 armpit pants suits.

But I may have to put my head together with L.L. Hundal and do a sequel to Supermodel Slapfest and feature Viktor & Rolf in ROLF!

You can see more of Viktor & Rolf's creations and

But here are a few more samples for your to enjoy immediately.

Fashion Masters Viktor & Rolf!
And for even more Viktor & Rolf, click here to visit Violeta Purple.

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