Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MercyMe & the Cover Tune Grab Bag!

Artist Todd Lockwood inadvertently took a step to make sure no work will be done at NUELOW Games today: He pointed us to videos by MercyMe, perhaps the wackiest live cover band ever! (They may replace the Ukele Orchestra of the UK as our dream house band for when we Hit It Big.)

Here are few of my favorite MercyMe videos (so far):

"Epic" is the only word to describe this video!

Greatest "Eye of the Tiger" cover ever?

The theme song for "The Return of the King" (in ROLF!: Christmas Special II) and ROLF!: Creature Feature:

And the award for Best Use of Random Headgear by a Cover Band goes to MercyMe.

Somewhere, Jon Bon Jovi wondered why a chill ran down his spine....

And one final one, because L.L. Hundal will either love me or kill me for this (given that she has been known to dance around and sing like a lunatic to the original version):

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  1. Turns out, MercyMe is a somewhat famous Christian rock band who makes these little clips for fun while touring. I guess I can give up any dreams of them being NUELOW Games'house-band, what with Jesus Christ being a regular character in our products. :)

    But, hey, I still think they're funny!