Saturday, August 18, 2012

The latest for ROLF!: Bill Clinton Meets a Girl Scout

ROLF!: Bill Clinton Meets a Girl Scout presents three battle scenarios revolving around Girl Scouts and former President of the United States Bill Clinton. Julian Assange also puts in an appearance... and Hillary Clinton is working over-time to save Bill from himself and from the Girl Scouts from Jupiter!

Bill Clinton Meets a Girl Scout features ROLF! stats for all the characters mentioned above, as well as Mel the Girl Scout Leader and Chairman Yalasha, the nefarious leader of the Commies from Jupiter, who was previously seen battling Rambo and his hippie allies. She's back... and she's looking to give Julian Assange something he richly deserve....

The package also includes an assortment of Combat Maneuvers and Traits not found in the basic ROLF! game and three battle scenarios. All this in just 5 pages... and for just $0.50!

Click here to get a copy of ROLF!: Bill Clinton Meets a Girl Scout, or to see previews.

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