Sunday, October 7, 2012

Robert E. Howard & ROLF!:
Two great tastes that go great together

While in high school, Robert E. Howard wrote several satirical short stories that were published in "The Tattler," the school newspaper. Being big advocates of recycling, we here at NUELOW Games have incorporated one of young Robert's stories into our latest ROLF! supplement, The Sheik: A Literary (?) Spoof.

The Sheik is a savage spoof of romance novels that features Howard's short story, ROLF! stats for its main characters, and a battle scenario--although the story itself is probably the best series of ROLF! Battle Scenarios we have never published.

"Robert E. Howard wrote better ROLF! fiction than anyone we might ask to write ROLF! fiction," said L.L. Hundal, the co-creator of ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters and designer of The Sheik: A Literary (?) Spoof by Robert E. Howard. "I didn't think anyone would ever have the combination of silliness and writing ability to capture the spirit of ROLF!... yet here's someone who was doing it in the 1920s. And he grew up to be the creator of Conan no less."

Click here to visit to see previews of The Shiek: A Literary (?) Spoof by Robert E. Howard, and to purchase your own copy for just $0.60.

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