Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Amaterasu's Cloak

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Amaterasu's Cloak (Design by Steve Miller)
Reported to having been spun on the loom of the sun goddess Amaterasu, this cloak of fine golden threads, and rich red and orange silks was first discovered floating on a sea in the aftermath of a wild winter storm. When draped over the shoulders of a medium-sized humanoid, it gives the wearer the ability to channel the power of the sun itself.

D20 System and D6 System Stats
This artifact has two effects that each can be activated by the wearer once per day through an act of will. (One former owner was known to say "Here Comes the Sun" when activating the cloak, but that was just a personal flourish.)
Effect 1: Radiate sunlight, illuminating up to 120 feet area around him or her. Creatures who are weakened or harmed by sunlight suffer as if they are exposed to the actual sun. This effect lasts for three hours or until dismissed by the wearer.

Effect 2: Radiate intense heat that deals 4d6 points of damage to creatures within melee range, 2d6 points of damage to creatures within a 10 feet radius, and 1d6 points of damage to creatures more than 15 feet away but within 25 feet. Easily flammable objects and substances catch fire within 15 feet of the wearer's location.

Drawbacks: As soon as the character wears the cloak, he or she begins to suffer from night blindness. All attacks and detail-oriented actions at night are subject to a +4 modifier to difficulty ratings in both the D20 System and D6 Systems. Even if the character stops using the cloak, the night blindness persists until he or she personally returns to cloak to its rightful owner--Amaterasu herself.

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