Thursday, April 18, 2013

K is for Kissing Booth

We fell down on the A to Z Blogging Challenge this week, but today we play catch-up! Everything in the paragraph under "Kissing Booth OGL d20 Stats" is Open Gaming Content and published under this license. Please give credit and copyright acknowledgement to Steve Miller.
   While the game stats for this item are nominally for d20-based games, it can easily be adapted to any system.

The Kissing Booth (By Steve Miller)
Located at the end of a carnival midway or near the entrance to a circus tent, this small, wooden structure has a bright red, heart-shaped front. Through the opening in it, you can see either a very beautiful man or woman, Below the opening is a sign that reads "One Kiss, One Copper Piece." The person within the booth calls out to passerbys who seem homely, lonely, or are themselves handsome, encouraging them to come brighten both their days with a kiss. "And all the money goes to the local orphanage," the person promises. The kisser will chat up the kissee both before and after the kiss, asking about their occupation and where they're from and complimenting them on their appearance, dress, and so forth.
  While its absolutely true that the money taken in at the booth will be donated to the local orphans, the Kissing Booth is also a means by which the operator's seek to rob wealthy attendees of the event where it is found.
   The Kissing Booth is operated by half-elf Callum Ceptor and his four associates, two very comely human men and women. They travel from carnival to carnival and are known and well-liked by other traveling entetainers and circus folik, who have no idea Callum is a thief. He is believed to be a retired adventurer who is spending his money on charity and eccentricity. (Callum actually is an adventurer, but he's  not exactly retired; he has simply found a means of getting richer that doesn't involve a constant threat of death. His companions are low-level rogues with a great deal of skill in Bluff and other personal interaction skills.)

Kissing Booth OGL d20 System Stats
The GM should roll a secret Spell Resistance check for the character being kissed (DC20). If the save fails, the person in the booth gains the ability to shapeshift into a perfect copy of the character for 24 hours. In additional, the kisser gains brief and limited telepathic powers that lets him or her know the subject's recent thoughts--hence the questions and compliments before and after the kiss, as they give the kisser information about where the target lives, how wealthy they might be, and so on. Then, while the target continues to enjoy the show, the kisser leads to his place of residence with some compatriots to steal any valuables they can find.

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