Monday, April 22, 2013

N is for Nadia's Needle

We're limping along with the A to Z April Blogging Challenge here at NUELOW Games. If we get to Z before the end of the month, I think we will have done good, given what's going on. That said, here's N (a little late, but here it is!) This item is presented under this license and everything in the post, except the illo and the paragraph labeled "The History of Nadia's Needle", is Open Gaming Content.
   This item is usable for any RPG that features magic items.

Nadia's Needle (By Steve Miller)
This item is a small sewing needle with an inch of silvery thread  run through the eye. It radiates faint magic of an indeterminate nature, which has caused many treasure seekers to overlook it while looting this or that hoard, or to discard it when it appears to be useless.
   However, this item, a camel can literally pass through the eye of the needle.When stuck into a flat surface--such as a door, wall, or floor--the needle becomes the center of a faintly glowing blue circle with a 7-foot in diameter. It is invisible to anyone further than 6 inches away from it. The circle is actually a short-range dimensional portal that allows up to four living beings (along with any gear that will fit through the opening) to pass through to the area on the other side before it closes. The needle stays embedded in the original surface, and the portal ceases to exist immediately after the needle is removed or the fourth living creature passes through it.
   The Needle is also rumored to have a second use--the ability to close portals to the City of Silver Towers, home to a pantheon of evil gods. This has not been confirmed, however.

The Background of Nadia's Needle
The true origin of Nadia's Needle is unknown. It draws its modern name from its most recently known owner, Nadia Tokareva. She was a young Soviet agent active in Germany during World War II who used the Needle as part of efforts to help those hunted by Nazis to escape to safety. Later, as the Cold War came into effect and she came to understand how tyrannical the Soviet government was, she became a double agent for the Western powers and helped people escape from East Germany and elsewhere behind the Iron Curtain. Nadia vanished without a trace in 1962 after reporting to a contact in the CIA that she was setting out to investigate what she believed to be a secret military facility codenamed Silver Tower.

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