Sunday, April 28, 2013

U is for Undergarments of Temptation

I don't know if we'll get through the alphabet before the month runs out, but here's another magic item for use in your RPG games. This one is usable for the d20 System. It's presented under the Open Gaming License, and the entirety of this post is Open Gaming Content. Please give credit and copyright acknowledgement to NUELOW Ganes.

  Undergarments of Temptation (By L.L. Hundal)
These items appear on first glance to be ordinary panties, boxers, briefs, undershirts, bras--whatever bit of underwear you can think of. When worn, they begin to radiate faint enchantment magic. When visible to onlookers--for example because the wearer's pants are drooping or of a low-rise style, or the wearer's top is unbuttoned or low-cut, or because the underwear is worn on the outside instead of under other clothing--they have the following effects:
    1. Anyone seeing the character's undergarments of temptation must roll a Will save (DC18). If the saving throw fails, the wearer gains a +4 enhancement bonus to all Charisma-based skill checks involving those individuals, because they think the wearer is just that cool and sexy.
   2. If the wearer directs attention at a specific person who failed the Will save mentioned above, the target is considered to be under the effects of a charm monster spell.
    3. If creatures successfully save against the undergarments of temptation, the wearer suffers a -4 penalty to all Intelligence- and Charisma-based actions directed at them, because they think he or she must be some sort of simpleton who can't dress themselves properly.

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